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Acoustics FAQ by Campanella Associates
Acoustics Glossary by Iverson Software
Active Noise Control (ANC) FAQ by Christopher E. Ruckman
Audio FAQ by
Tinnitus FAQ by Lee Easter

Acoustics: An Unofficial Introduction
Air Acoustics at Museum "Waalsdorp"
Animations for Acoustics Education by Victor Sparrow at Penn State
Architectural Acoustics of Small Rooms by Sylvio R. Bistafa
Art Ludwig's Sound Page
Classroom Acoustics by the Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics of the Acoustical Society of America
The Cochlea - Graphic Tour of the Inner Ear's Machinery
The Cochlear Fluids
Diagnostic Ultrasound by Gonzalo E. Diaz MD
Ear Works by University of Wisconsin Department of Neurophysiology
Elementary Notions of Acoustics by Genie Acoustique
Flue Pipe Acoustics by Richard J. Weisenberger
Glossary of Acoustic Terminology by Tinsel Town Designs
Glossary of Terms in Noise Control Engineering by INCE
Hearing Damage and Loud Music by Abelard
How Guitars Work from Marshall Brian's "How Stuff Works
Introduction to Architectural Acoustics by Neil A. Shaw, Menlo Scientific Acoustics, Inc.
Introduction to Spectrum Analysis at
Music Acoustics at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
  • Basics
  • Flute
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Shakuhachi
  • Speech

  • Music Chords by T. Yahaya Abdullah
    Music Scales by T. Yahaya Abdullah
    The Musical Instrument Makers Forum
    news:alt.sci.physics.acoustics Newsgroup
    Physics Answers by Kevin Brown
  • Phase, Group, and Signal Velocity
  • Huygens' Principle
  • The Speed of Sound
  • Doppler Shift for Sound and Light
  • Stationary Paths
  • Refractions on Relativity
  • Normal Shock Waves

  • The Physics of Sound at
    Physics and Psychophysics of Music by the Australian National University
    Room Acoustics of Large Spaces by The Talaske Group, Inc.
    Sound and Hearing by HyperPhysics at Georgia State University
    Scientific American's "Ask the Experts"
  • What are "booming sands" and what causes the sounds they make?
  • What causes the noise emitted from high-voltage power lines--is it static discharge, vibration from the 60-cycle field or something else entirely?
  • The bubbles produced by ultrasound in water (sonoluminescence) reach extremely high temperatures and pressures for brief periods. Could these conditions initiate or facilitate nuclear fusion, as suggested in the recent movie "Chain Reaction"?

  • Sounding Out the Ocean's Secrets by The National Academies Beyond Discovery
    Room Acoustics Modeling by Phil Edelbrock
    NOAA Acoustic Monitoring Program Underwaer Acoustics Tutorial
    Virtual Tour of the Ear by Perry C. Hanavan at Augustana College
    Vibration and Waves Animations by Dan Russell at Kettering University
    WADA Laboratory's Animations of the
  • Inner Ear
  • Middle Ear

  • The Wave Theory of Sound by Allan D. Pierce