Technical Fields

ESI Group's AutoSEA2 - Noise and Vibration Prediction Based on SEA
EnviroMeasure's AVAAZ Inovations, Inc. - Software Products for Clinical, Research, and Industrial Applications Involving Speech and Spoken Language
EnviroMeasure's Online Acoustics Software Tools and Demos
Virginia PolyTechnic Istitute and State University, Vibration and Acoustics Laboratories Active Noise Control Experiment Shareware
ADEM acoustic analysis and design software for engine mufflers and flow ducts
AcuVib acoustic and vibration engineering toolbox
AURORA auralization software
Integrated Sound Software BEM (Boundary Element Method) software for acoustics
CATT-Acoustic room acoustics prediction and auralization software
Comet Technology Corporation's Comet Acoustics comprehensive tool for resolution of noise and vibration problems
Syntrillium CoolEditPro/CoolEdit2000 digital audio software package
Brüel Bertrand Johnson Acoustics CORTI Health Conservation Program (HCP) management software
Structural Research and Analysis Corporation COSMOS design analysis software
DSPCon digital signal processing and data acquisition tools
Echocsan acoustics engineering software
Dynamic Design Solutions FEMtools - Multi-functional CAE software to combine experimental test data with finite element analysis data for Sensitivity and Correlation Analysis and Model Updating
FIReverb Suite FIR generator and multi-channel reverb/mix convolver software
Fletcher and Galt's Articulation Index software (freeware)
GFu-Kwun Hwang's Fourier Synthesis, National Taiwan Normal University
FreeSEA statistical energy analysis freeware
Brüel Bertrand Johnson Acoustics HPD Select hearing protection device selection software
ESI Group's I-DEAS Vibro-Acoustics - Comprehensive Software for Solving Vibro-Acoustic Problems
Institut f�r Wiener Klangstil Musical Acoustics Software
INSUL - airborne and structural borne sound insulation prediction
Ptolemy Services Jade 2 environmental noise monitoring software
Wave Imaging K-Space acoustics software for biomedical imagaing and underwater acoustics
Lake DSP acoustic analysis tools
LISA finite element software
LMS International
MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation MSC/NASTRAN for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) problems
MAPSON Acouslayers (Acousparois) software for redicting the sound transmission and sound insulation of walls
The Mathworks science and engineering software
NEMPEE audio acoustics and software
Office of Naval Research Ocean Acoustics Library
Odeon Room Acoustics Modeling
Olive Tree Lab Terrain Outdoor Sound Propagation Calculation Software
QSound Labs QCreator 3D audio software
Ramsete room acoustics modeling
Cambridge Collaborative, Inc. SEAM acoustic and vibration prediction software
Scientific and Technical Software SK-AVaM low cost data acquisition
SoundPLAN - 3D graphics-oreiented sofwater package for modelling indoor and outdoor noise propagation
Peter Meijer's Sound synthesis software page
Sound Waves educational software program
Cetacean Research Technology Spectra Series spectral analysis software for bioacoustics and underwater acoustics
Visualization Software LLC Spectrogram audio spectrum analysis
Test Tone Generator
Noldus Information Technology Ultravox for automatic monitoring of ultrasonic vocalizations
Vibro-Acoustics V-A Select HVAC silencer selection software
Neutrik Cortex Instruments VIPER visual perception of auditory signals software
Scientific and Technical Software VNoise vibroacoustic tool for noise radiation problems acoustics, shock, and vibration software
Vibro-Acoustic Sciences acoustic and vibration software
VibroTek Vibration Technologies noise and vibration analysis
AETC Wideband Acoustic Signal Processing (WASP) sonar system software
Morset Sound Development WinFLAG - software for estimating the acoustic performance of constructions
Morset Sound Development WinMLS - software for high quality audio, acoustics, and vibrational measurements