2pAOb -Methane in the ocean: observing gas bubbles from afar – Tom Weber

The more we look, the more we find bubbles of methane, a greenhouse gas, leaking from the ocean floor (e.g., [1]). Some of the methane in these gas bubbles may travel to the ocean surface where it enters the atmosphere, and some is consumed by microbes, generating biomass and the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the process

4aPPa24 – Effects of meaningful or meaningless noise on psychological impression for annoyance and selective attention to stimuli during intellectual task – Takahiro Tamesue

Open offices that make effective use of limited space and encourage dialogue, interaction, and collaboration among employees are becoming increasingly common. However, productive work-related conversation might actually decrease the performance of other employees within earshot

2pABa1 – Snap chat: listening in on the peculiar acoustic patterns of snapping shrimp, the noisiest animals on the reef – Ashlee Lillis

Put your head underwater in almost any tropical or sub-tropical coastal area and you will hear a continuous, static-like noise filling the water. The source of this ubiquitous sizzling sound found in shallow-water marine environments around the world was long considered a mystery of the sea.

1aSA – On a Fire Extinguisher with Sound-wind for the Beginning Stage of Fire – Myung-Sook Kim

There are a variety of fire extinguishers available on the market with differing extinguishing methods, including powder-dispersers, fluid-dispersers, gas-dispersers and water-dispersers. There has been little advancement in the technology of fire extinguishers in the past 50 years.

2aNS – How virtual reality technologies can enable better soundscape design – Chung

While many governments have placed special attention to waste management, air and water pollution, acoustic environment in cities has been directed toward the control of noise, in particular, transportation noise. Governments that care about the tranquility in cities rely primarily on setting the so-called acceptable noise level

2aABa3 – Indris’ melodies are individually distinctive and genetically driven – Marco Gamba

Human hearing ablities are exceptional at identifying the voices of friends and relatives [1]. The potential for this identification lies in the acoustic structures of our words, which not only convey verbal information (the meaning of our words) but also non-verbal cues (such as sex and identity of the speakers).

1aNS4 – Musical mind control: Human speech takes on characteristics of background music – Ryan Podlubny

People often adjust their speech to resemble that of their conversation partners – a phenomenon known as speech convergence. Broadly defined, convergence describes automatic synchronization to some external source, much like running to the beat of music playing at the gym without intentionally choosing to do so.

5aSC43 – Appropriateness of acoustic characteristics on perception of disaster warnings – Naomi Ogasawara

Appropriateness of acoustic characteristics on perception of disaster warnings Naomi Ogasawara    naomi-o@mail.gpwu.ac.jp Kenta Ofuji                o-fu@u-aizu.ac.jp Akari Harada Popular version of paper, 5aSC43, "Appropriateness of acoustic characteristics on...

4pBA1 – Kidney stone pushing and trapping using focused ultrasound beams of different structure – Oleg Sapozhnikov

According to a 2012 report from the National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney and Digestive Diseases (Urological Diseases in America), the direct medical cost of USD in the United States is $10 billion annually, making it the most expensive urologic condition.

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