ASA Lay Language Papers

162nd Acoustical Society of America Meeting

The following are lay language versions of meeting papers being presented at the 162nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of American to be held October 31 - November 4, 2011 in San Diego, California. Please keep in mind that some of the research described in the laypapers may not have yet been peer reviewed.


Hearing into the Past: Acoustic Archeology in Renaissance Venice (1aAA6) by Braxton Boren and Malcolm Longair

Impacts of Classroom Acoustics on Elementary Student Achievement (1aAA9) by Lauren M. Ronsse and Lily M. Wang

A Survey of Residential Speaking Tubes (1aAA10) by William J. Elliot

You Are Now Free to Move Your Head around the Concert Hall (1aAAa12) by Anthony Parks and Jonas Braasch

How Can You Tell Who's Talking? The Ability to Separate Sounds by Pitch as a Key to Measuring the Clarity of Speech and Music (1aAA14) by David Griesinger

Acoustic Detection of Unexploded Ordnance (1aUW2) by Aubrey L. España, Kevin L. Williams, Steven G. Kargl, and Mario Zampolli

Bollywood Sound Stages (1pAA1) by K. Anthony Hoover

Tutorial Lecture: Acoustics of Green Buildings (1pAA1) by Ralph T. Muehleisen


Stonehenge-like Auditory Illusion Evoked by Interference Pattern (2aAAa9) by Steven J. Waller

Compressed and Printable Bird Songs (2aAB1) by Hugo Jacome Andrade and David Parra Puente

A Chimpanzee Can Be Good at Understanding Speech - Even When the Words Are Distorted (2aAB9) by Lisa A. Heimbauer, Michael J. Beran, and Michael J. Owren

What Causes the Confusion Patterns in Speech Perception (2aSC1) by Feipeng Li and Jont B. Allen

Hearing Between the Lines: How People with Hearing Impairment Can Take Detours to Understand Speech (2pSC4) by Matthew B. Winn, Monita Chatterjee, and William J. Idsardi

Analysis of a Homemade Edison Tinfoil Phonograph (2pEDa5) by Jason D. Sagers, Andrew R. McNeese, and Preston S. Wilson

Does Musical Training Enhance Speech Perception? If So, Why? (2pMUa1) by Aniruddh D. Patel

Songs, Cell Phones, and Absolute Pitch (2pMUa4) by Kevin Dooley

Improving Automatic Speech Recognition by Learning from Human Errors (2pSCa2) by Bernd T. Meyer


" Playing the Room": Interactive Virtual Acoustics Enhances Musicians' Performance on Concert and Recording Stage (3aAA2) by Wieslaw Woszczyk, Doyuen Ko, and Jonathan Hong

Acoustic Radiation Force for Rapid Detection of Particles in Biological Liquids (3aAB2) by Lev Ostrovsky, Aba Priev, and Yechezkel Barenholz

Miniaturizing Piezoelectric Microphones with Nanotechnology by (3aEA7) by Adam D. Mathias, Jon R. Fox, Jean P. Cortes, Stephen B. Horowitz, Ducommun Miltec, Mohan Sanghadasa, and Paul Ashley

Vibrational Assessment of Ice Hockey Goalie Sticks (3aED5) by Linda J. Hunt and Daniel A. Russell

Ultrasound and Breast Cancer Research: Making "Waves" in Surgical Innovation (3aED1) by Kristina M. Sorensen, Timothy E. Doyle, Rachel E. Factor, Christina L. Ellefson, Leigh A. Neumayer, Jeffrey B. Goodrich, Brady J. Ambrose, Vern Hart, Scott C. Jensen, and Hemang Patel

Virtual Performers for Virtual Musical Instruments: Synthetic Bowing Gestures for Synthetic Violins(3aMU2) by Esteban Maestre

Music from "An Evil Subterranean Beast" (3aMU7) by Chris Chafe

Watching What You Say: High-speed Video Systems May Lead to Improved Voice Health (3aSCa1) by Daryush Mehta, Matías Zañartu, Thomas F. Quatieri, Dimitar D. Deliyski, and Robert E. Hillman

Hearing an Accent Helps Listeners Understand Out-of-Accent Sounds They Didn't Hear (3aSCb19) by Ed King and Meghan Sumner

Early Speech Changes: A Window Into Dementia Process (3aSCb33) by Linda S. Carozza and Fredericka Bell-Bert

Hearing Protection for Extreme Noise (3pNS3) by Anthony J. Dietz, William E. Audette, Jed C. Wilbur, and Christian H. Passow

Integrating Speech Enhancement with Active Noise Control to Improve Communication in Hearing Protectorse (3pNS6) by Eric R. Bernstein and Anthony J. Brammer


Application of Soundscape Method for a Worship Space (4aAA9) by Sang Bum Park

Listening to the Ocean: The Whales' Story of the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico (4aAB6) Natalia Sidorovskaia, Azmy S. Ackleh, Baoling Ma, Nabendu Pal, Christopher Tiemann, George E. Ioup, and Juliette w. Ioup

Using Microscopic Shockwaves to Protect Healthy Tissue from the Side Effects of Chemotherapy (4aBA12) Stuart Ibsen, Michael Benchimol, Dmitri Simberg, Carolyn Schutt, Jason Steiner, and Sadik Esener

Energy Harvesting of Tonal Sound Excited by Heat Addition and Vortex Shedding (4aEAa) by Sungmin Jung, Rafael Hernandez, and Konstantin I. Matveev

FireSlider: Force-Feedback Interaction with Sound (4aMUa7) by Edgar Berdahl

Mistuned Harmonic Detection and the Role of Tonotopically Local Synchrony (4aPP1) by William M. Hartmann

Word Production Analysis of Native Speakers and Second Language Learners by Phonemic and Categorical Verbal Fluency Test(4aPP3) by Keiko Asano

An Introduction to Forensic Gunshot Acoustics(4aSCa3) by Steven D. Beck, Hirotaka Nakasone, and Kenneth W. Marr

"Impossible" Language Sounds (4aSCb1) by Dan Brenner, Andrea Davis, Natasha Warner, Andrew Carnie, Muriel Fisher, Jessamyn Schertz, Michael Hammond, and Diana Archangeli

Do We Speak More Dramatically when We Speak Loud? (4aSCb8) by Yunjung Kim

Underwater Acoustics in Arctic Environments (4aUWc) by Christie A. O'Hara and Jon M. Collis

Inhibition of Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation by Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS): Curing Cancer with Sound (4pBA5) by Amit Katiyar, Kausik Sarkar, and Krishna Sarker

Acoustical Assessment of Body Water Balance (4pAB6) by Armen Sarvazyan

Psychoacoustics of Chalkboard Squeaking (4pPP6) by Christoph Reuter and Michael Oehler

The Human Vocal Instrument: Visualizing Tongue Shaping in Speech Sound Production (4pSCb7) by Daniel Bone, Michael Proctor, Yoon Kim, and Shrikanth Narayanan


Migrating Gray Whale Vocalizations and Concurrent Visual Observations Near Santa Barbara, California (5aAb9) by Lauren Roche, Ana Širovic, Jasmine Buccowich, Sean Wiggins, John Hildebrand, Michael Smith, and Erin McCann

Shapeshifting Artificial Ears Inspired by Bats (5aAB14) by Mittu Pannala, Ojili Praveen Kumar Reddy, Sajjad Z. Meymand, and Rolf Mueller

Vuvuzelas and Their Impact by (5aNSb1) by Kenneth A. Cunefare, Richard Ruhala, Laura Ruhala and Tina Ortkiese

Why Do Infants Prefer to Look at Faces Speaking Their Native Language? (5aSCa1) by Nancy Ward and Megha Sundara

The Joint Purpose of Pitch Patterns in "Motherese": Drawing Attention and Conveying Language Structure (5aSCa3) by Kristine M. Yu, Sameer ud Dowla Khan, Alejandrina Cristia, Huei-Mei Liu, and Megha Sundara

Toward Understanding the Protracted Acquisition of English Rhythm(5aSCa4) by Melissa A. Redford, Hema Sirsa, and Irina A. Shport

The Role of Rhythm, Speaking Rate, and Pitch in Language Discrimination(5aSCa6) by Tara Rodriquez and Amalia Arvaniti

Getting Closer Through Talking: How Conversations Synchronize People's Speech Patterns (5aSCa9) by Jelena Krivokapic

Perception of High-frequency Sounds in Singing and Speech: Studying Singing to Learn about Speech (5aSCb3) by Brian B. Monson, A. Davi Vitela, Brad H. Story, and Andrew J. Lotto

Hearing Pitch Despite its Absence in "Whispered" Speech (5aSCb15) by Yukiko Sugiyama

Rating Qualities of Emotional Speech (5aSCb31) by Sona Patel, Tanja Banzigar, and Klaus R. Scherer

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