ASA Lay Language Papers

163rd Acoustical Society of America Meeting

The following are lay language versions of meeting papers being presented at the 163rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of American to be held May 13 - 18, 2012, in Hong Kong. Please keep in mind that some of the research described in the lay papers may not have yet been peer reviewed.


Trapping of Microorganisms Using Cylindrical Standing Waves and Its Application to Water Purification (1aPA6) by Hae-Rang Hwang, Yonggang Cao, Jungsoon Kim, Moojoon Kim, and Kang-Lyeol Ha

Auditory Depth Control: Investigation associated physical parameters that make a 3-D sound image project out of your TV (1aHT5) by Sungyoung Kim, Hiraku Okumura, and Makoto Otani

Speech Perception Development in Monolingual Infants and Bilingual Infants (1aSC16) by Adrian Garcia-Sierra, Nairan Ramirez-Esparza, and Patricia K. Kuhl

Observe and Understand the Basaltic Eruptions with Infrasound (1pNSa11) by Aurelien Dupont

Making Sense of Sounds (1pPP1) by Susan L. Denham, Istvan Winkler, Robert W. Mill, Tamas M. Bohm, and Alexandra Bendixen

Improving Orchestra Pits for the Benefit of Musicians (1pAA5) by Stephen Dance, Alba Losada, Sarah Large, Sheldon Walters, Georgia Zepidou, and Luis Gomez


Dolphin Speaker to Enhance Study of Dolphin Vocalizations and Acoustics (2aAO5) by Yuka Mishima

One Way Street for Sound Waves (2aEA4) by Bin Liang, Xia-shen Guo, Juan Tu, Dong Zhang, and Jian-chun Cheng

Seismic Wave Attenuator Made of Acoustic Metamaterials (2aEA8) by Sang-Hoon Kim

The Brain Distinguishes Between Gesture and Action in the Context of Processing Speech (2aSC15) by Spencer Kelly, Meghan Healey, Asli Ozyurek, and Judith Holler

Dynamics of the Himalayan Singing Bowl (2pMU4) by Brandon August, Aditya Mahara, and Thomas Moore

Evaluation of Vibration Seat Rattle Noise Using Coherence Function Technique (2pSA8) by Jin-Su Park, Chang-Yong Joeng, Un-Chang Jeong, Jae-Eun Joeng, In-Hyung Yang, and Jae-Eung Oh

Speech in Noise and Ease of Language Understanding: When and how working memory capacity plays a role (2pPP11) by Jerker Ronnberg, Patrik Sorqvist, Orjan Dahlstrom, Mary Rudner, Ingrid Johnsrude, and Stefan Stenfelt

Estimation of Speech Privacy Performance from Acoustic Parameters in Two Adjacent Rooms (2pAAa1) by Hayato Sato, Masayuki, Morimoto, Yasuhiko Odagawa, and Yasushi Hoshino

Temporal Structure in the Speech of Persons with Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type (2pSC19) by Linda Carozza, Pamela Cantor, Sindia Rodriquez, Kimberly Oliva, Fredericka Bell-Berti


Scoping the Treble Sounds in Singing and Speech: What your phone is not telling you (2aMU12) by Brian B. Monson, Brad H. Story, and Andrew J. Lotto


Ultrasonic Cleaning of Root Canals (4aPA8) by Bram Verhaagen, Christos Boutsioukis, Michel Versluis, Lei-Meng Jiang, Ricardo Macedo, Damien Walmsley, and Luc van der Sluis

Toward a High Power Non-contact Acoustic Source Using Time Reversal (4pEAa3) by Pierre-Yves Le Bas, T.J. Ulrich, Brian E. Anderson, and J. James Esplin

A Circular Microphone Array Design Approach for Discrete Noise Suppression (4pHT1) by Bo Yang, Jie Feng, and Ming Wen


Acoustic Cues Used by Blind Travelers (5aPP18) by Helen J. Simon, Deborah Gilden, John Brabyn, Al Lotze, and Harry Levitt

Gliders, Floats, and Robot Sailboats: autonomous platforms for marine mammal research (5aAB1) by David Mellinger

What Is So Hard About Selective Attending? (5aPP4) by Ross Maddox, Willy Cheung, and Adrian K.C. Lee

For Low-frequency Underwater Sounds, a Mirror Becomes a Window (5aPa4) by Oleg A. Godin and Iosif M. Fuks

Does Exposure to Aircraft Noise at Primary School Influence Later Learning Outcomes?: Findings from the UK RANCH follow-up study (5aNSc1) by Charlotte Clark, Jenny Head, and Stephen A. Stansfeld

Evidence that Blindness Might Rapidly Improve Music and Speech Perception (5aPP10) by Francois Champoux, Simon Landry, Marie-Soleil Houde, Marianne Belanger, and Douglas M. Shiller

Laser Tractor Beam for Small Particles (5pPA2) by Jack Ng, C.T. Chan, Jun Chen, and Zhifang Lin