ASA Lay Language Papers

164th Acoustical Society of America Meeting

The following are lay language versions of meeting papers being presented at the 164th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of American to be held October 22-26, 2012, in Kansas City, Missouri. Please keep in mind that some of the research described in the lay papers may not have yet been peer reviewed.


Absolute Pitch is Associated with a Large Auditory Digit Span: A Clue to its Genesis (1aMU5) by Diana Deutsch and Kevin Dooley

Perception of Musical and Lexical Tones by Musicians and Nonmusicians (1aMU6) by Chao-Yang Lee and Allison Lekich

Noise Exposure Profiles for Small-caliber Firearms from 1.5 to 6 meters (1pNS11) by William J. Murphy, Gregory A. Flamme, Edward L. Zechmann, Caroline Dektas, Deanna K. Meinke, Michael Stewart, James Lankford, Donald S. Finan and Seleen Collins


The Sound-absorbing City -- New Ideas for Living Environments around Airports (2aNS4) by Juergen Bauer

Relevance and Applicability of the Soundscape Concept to Physiological or Behavioral Effects Caused by Noise at Very Low Frequencies which May Not Be Audible (2aNS6) by Wade Bray

Plumbing the Depths of Ligeia: Considerations for Acoustic Depth Sounding in Titan’s Hydrocarbon Seas (2aPA5) by Juan Arvelo and Ralph Lorenz

Monitoring of Corrosion in Pipelines Using Guided Waves and Permanently Installed Transducers (2aSAb1) by Michael J. Lowe, Andrea Galvagni and Peter Cawley

Training Adult Learners of English to Hear the Sounds of English (2aSC3) by James D. Miller, Charles S. Watson and Gary R. Kidd

Jurassic Acoustics: Low Frequency Sound Absorption in the Ocean During Past Ages (2aUW14) by David G. Browning and Peter M. Scheifele

A Sonar Experiment to Study Sound Propagation through Flames (2pPA14) by Mustafa Z. Abbasi, Peter S. Wilson, Ofodike A. Ezekoye and Joelle I. Suits

Acoustic Echolocation for Mobile Robots with Parametric Arrays (2pSPa5) by Eric A. Dieckman and Mark Hinders


Is the Ocean Really Getting Louder? (3aAB7) by M.S. Stocker and J.T. Reuterdahl

Physics of the Blues -- Scales, Harmony, and the Origin of Blues Piano Styles (3aMU1) by J. Murray Gibson

Thermoacoustic Device for Nuclear Fuel Monitoring and Heat Transfer Enhancement (3aPA2) by Randall A. Ali, Steven L. Garrett, James A. Smith and Dale K. Kotter

What Makes Some Musical Patterns More Pleasing Than Others? Uncovering the Psychological Nature of Musical Appeal (3aPP8) by Ronaldo Vigo


Making Hospitals Quiet: Addressing the Ongoing Noise Problem in U.S. Hospitals (4aAAb3) by Gary Madaras

When the Beat Goes Off (4aMUa1) by Holger Hennig, Ragnar Fleischmann and Theo Geisel

Human Body Rhythms Motion Analogy in Music Sound (4aMUa2) by Alexander Ekimov

The Evolution of Musical Instruments (4pMU10) by Neville Fletcher

Ground Squirrels Have Voices that Are Similar to Those of Their Relatives (4pABb2) by Stacie Hooper, Brenda McCowan, Toni Lyn Morelli and Christina Kastely