Acoustical Society of America
132nd Meeting Lay Language Papers

Woodbury, New York, November 15, 1996

The following are lay language papers being presented at the 132nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, December 2-6, 1996 at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii.

A Method for Predicting Train Noise in Subway Stations by Jian Kang

Acousto-Fluidic Sound Augmentation for Orthodox Jewish Worship Spaces by Tadeusz M. Drzewiecki

Modern Mysteries of Lung Sounds by Steve S. Kraman (Contains Sounds)

Ultrafast Laser Acoustics: How to Ring Nanobells by Oliver B. Wright

T-wave detection of underwater volcanism by land-based seismic stations: The example of the Hollister Ridge, Southern Pacific by Emile A. Okal, Jacques Talandier, and Louis Géli

Three-dimensional Prostate Imaging and Tissue Typing by Ernest J. Feleppa

Aircraft Noise Problems and Solutions at Logan International Airport by Nancy S. Timmerman, P.E.

Mosque Acoustics: An Overview of Current Design Practice in Saudi Arabia by Sami A. Khaiyat

Analysis of Mosquito Wing Beat Sound by Richard H. Campbell (Contains Sounds)

The "Satsuma" biwa by Kenshi Kishi, Yoshimasa Tohnai, and Masashi Yamada

Acoustical Studies of Japanese Traditional Drums 'Tsuzumi' ---Vibration, Analysis and Synthesis by Shigeo Ando (Contains Sounds)

The American hammered dulcimer: Its acoustical properties, role in traditional culture, and current design developments. by David R. Peterson

Gourds of the Kiowa Tia Piah Society by Stephen F. Duncan

Investigating the Common Cold to Improve Speech Technology by Renetta Garrison Tull, Janet C. Rutledge, and Charles R. Larson

Sound Generation by Fluttering Wings by Takeshi Ohnuki, Masako Sakayanagi, and Keiji Kawachii

Active Classification of Submerged Shells Insonified by Dolphin 'Clicks' by Guillermo C. Gaunaurd, Donald Brill, Hanson Huang, Patrick W.B. Moore, and Hans C. Strifors

A Pictorial Understanding of Organ Jet Physics by Shigeru Yoshikawa

Speech Disfluencies and Their Modeling: Speech Errors and Stuttering in English and Japanese by Haruo Kubozono