Acoustical Society of America
131st Meeting Lay Language Papers

Woodbury, New York, April 12, 1996

The following are lay language papers being presented at the 131st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, May 13-17, 1996 at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis Hotel in Indianapolis, IN.

Internal Combustion Engine Noise Analysis and Production using a Novel Multi-pulse Excited Time Series Modeling Technique by Scott A. Amman

An Overview of the Acoustical Effects of an Audience by J. S. Bradley

Resonant Bubbles and Bioeffects Mechanisms by Edwin L. Carstensen

Analysis of the Glottal Excitation of Intoxicated Versus Sober Speech: A First Report by Kathleen E. Cummings

Mothers and Their Children Hear a Musical Illusion in Strikingly Similar Ways by Diana Deutsch (Contains sound samples)

Renal Injury Induced by Clinical Doses of Shock Waves by Andrew P. Evan

Nonlinearity and The Sounds of Musical Instruments by Neville Fletcher

Advances in Acoustic Pyrometry by John A. Kleppe

Otoacoustic Emissions as Tools to Probe Cochlear Function by Glenis R. Long, Carrick L. Talmadge, and Arnold Tubis

Matched Field Inversion in a Rapidly Fluctuating Shallow Water Waveguide by Nicholas C. Makris

Considerations in Applying Noise Cancellation Techniques to Telephones by Alan S. Nasar

Propagation of Signals from Strong Explosions Above and Below the Ocean Surface by Andrew A. Piacsek

Modes of Vibration and Directivity of Percussion Instruments by Thomas D. Rossing

``Cold Speech'' for Automatic Speaker Recognition by Renetta Garrison Tull and Janet C. Rutledge

Analysis of Induced Chaos in Duffing's Equation, Using Caseygrams by P.G. Vaidya

The Characteristics of Words that Lead to Malapropisms by Michael S. Vitevitch

Sound Radiation from Boxes with Tone Holes by Gabriel Weinreich
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