Acoustical Society of America
142nd Meeting Lay Language Papers

New papers are being added up to the time of the meeting, so please check back regularly. Melville, New York, November 29, 2001

The following are lay language papers being presented at the 142nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America to be held December 3-7 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Development of a High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound System for Image-guided Ultrasound Surgery by Peter J. Kaczkowski, Shahram Vaezy, Roy Martin, Lawrence Crum and George Keilman

"Quiet, Please!" Says the Fetus by Mostafa Fatemi, Paul L. Ogburn, and James F. Greenleaf

Noise Propagation and Prediction Outdoors by Tony F.W. Embleton


Perception of Sound by Goldfish by Richard R. Fay

Tiny Bubbles for Better Health by Evan C. Unger

The HANG: A Hand-Played Steel Drum by Thomas D. Rossing, Uwe J. Hansen, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schrer

Acoustical Environments Measured in Urban and Suburban Schools by John Erdreich

Synthesis Fidelity and Vowel Identification by Peter F. Assmann and William F. Katz

Song-like Vocalizations and Infrasound from the Sumatran Rhinoceros by Elizabeth von Muggenthaler, Paul Reinheart, and Brad Lympany

Sound Radiation from Caribbean Steelpans by Brian Copeland, Andrew Morrison, and Thomas D. Rossing

High-frequency Sound Treatment of Tinnitus by Martin L. Lenhardt, Douglas G. Richards, Alan G. Madsen, Abraham Shulman, Barbara A. Goldstein, and Robert Guinta


It's All About SOUND Science: Manatees, Masking and Boats by Edmund R. Gerstein, Laura A. Gerstein, Joseph E. Blue, and Steve Forsythe

Energy: Converting from Acoustical to Biological Resource Units by Kelly J. Benoit-Bird and Whitlow W. L. Au

Navy Program Studies the Effects of Manmade Underwater Sound on Marine Life by Robert C. Gisiner

Employing Fuzzy Logic and Noisy Speech for Automatic Fitting of Hearing Aids by Bozena Kostek and Andrzej Czyzewski

Nonlinear Seismo-acoustic Land Mine Detection by Dimitri M. Donskoy, Alexander E. Ekimov, Nikolay Sedunov, and Michael Tsionskiy

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