Acoustical Society of America
138th Meeting Lay Language Papers

Melville, New York, October 25, 1999

The following are lay language papers being presented at the 138th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America to be held November 1-5, 1999 in Columbus, Ohio.


Randomness Outside and Inside the Bat's Brain by Rolf Müller

Novel Breast Imaging Techniques Using Transmission Ultrasound by Michael P. Andr, Helmar S. Jane, Linda K. Olson, Constance D. Lehman, Barbara A. Fecht, and Tuan Nguyen

Acoustics of Baltic Psaltery by Andres Peekna and Thomas D. Rossing

Local Performance Recording/Reproduction--Application to a String Quartet by William M. Hartmann and Zachary Constan

Acoustic Detection of Pressure in Sealed Drums by R. Daniel Costley, Mark Henderson, and M. John Plodinec


Online Cough Recognizer System for Animals by Annemie Van Hirtum

Using Sound to Locate White Blood Cells and Deliver Therapy by Paul A. Dayton, Jonathan Lindner, Jim Chomas, Scott Simon, Matthw Coggins, and Kathy Ferrara

How Loss of Natural Sound Causes Stress in Humans and Other Creatures by Bernie Krause

How the Noise of Air Tours Affects National Park Visitors by Nicholas P. Miller

Neural Circuitry and Neurotransmitters that Mediate the Acoustic Startle Reflex by Michael Davis


Children Scaling Rock Music by Donald Fucci

Acoustics of Ancient Chinese Bells by Thomas D. Rossing

Acoustics of Karen Bronze Drums by Laura M. Nickerson and Thomas D. Rossing

Finding the Missing Fundamental: A Connectionist Model of Harmonic Detection by Clifford F. Lewis and Michael K. McBeath

Tone Language Speakers Possess Absolute Pitch by Diana Deutsch, Trevor Henthorn, and Mark Dolson

Laugh Sounds Differ in their Elicitation of Positive Emotional Responses in Listeners by Jo-Anne Bachorowski, Ph.D. and Michael J. Owren, Ph.D.


Bringing Attention to Poor Classroom Acoustics: A Tribute to the Late Robin (Buzz) Towne by Michael T. Nixon
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