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Build buzz with our Social Media Toolkit and spread the word about your participation in the #Acoustics23 Meeting. With these resources, samples, tips, and more you and your fellow attendees can effortlessly reach and share updates before and throughout the meeting.

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Suggested Copy



  • Headed to #Acoustics23 in Sydney, Australia to discuss [INSERT SUBJECT]! Look at all the exciting abstracts at
  • Honored to be presenting at #Acoustics23 in Sydney, Australia. Read my abstract at [INSERT ABSTRACT LINK].
  • Are you planning to attend #Acoustics23? Join me as I present [INSERT SUBJECT] in [ROOM] at [DAY AND TIME]. Read the abstract here: [INSERT ABSTRACT LINK].”
  • Come learn about [ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY] at my #Acoustics23 [POSTER OR TALK] in [ROOM] at [DAY AND TIME]. Read the abstract here: [INSERT ABSTRACT LINK].”
  • I’ll be presenting my latest #research on [INSERT SUBJECT] at #Acoustics23Sydney. Read the abstract at [INSERT ABSTRACT LINK] and come see me in [ROOM] at [DAY AND TIME].”

Social Media Graphics

Download and save these images to share on social media or embed on your website, blog, newsletter, or email campaign.

General Content Post: Promote that you’re attending!

Acoustics 23 Sydney


Social Media Content Blocks: Announce your participation in #Acoustic23!

Acoustics23 Profile Square Acoustics23


Visual Abstract: Promote your research presentation!

Creating a visual abstract like the one below! Include the title, presentation time and location, one or two key takeaways, and an eye-catching visual. Don’t forget to use #Acoustics23!

GIF: Animate your #Acoustics23 presentation!

Make a GIF for your poster or oral presentation! This is a fun way for scientists and professionals to share their findings in an engaging way that helps colleagues and the public learn about acoustics research! It’s quick and easy; just follow the instructions below.


1. Download the ASA GIF Template.

  • Teach people your main takeaway on the first slide.
  • Next, add a key figure and explain what it shows.
  • Then, teach your methods in simple steps.
  • Finally, explain why your findings matter.

2. Save your slides as an animated GIF.

  • Go to file and select export.
  • For PC, select Create Animated GIF.
  • For Mac, change file format to Animated GIF.
  • Set quality to “Medium” and seconds to ~4-5.

3. Post it!

  • Include #Acoustics23, and any other relevant meeting or field hashtags.
  • Include a link to your abstract or relevant article.

Looking for more instructions and examples? Watch this video.

ASA Publications Guide to Social Media

The guide provides tips and templates for promoting your publications on social media. You can also watch the webinar Using Social Media to Promote Your ASA Publications.

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