Lay Language Papers

Here you will find Lay Language Papers from the most recent ASA Meeting. These are 300 to 500 word summaries of meeting presentations written by scientists for a general audience. Papers are accompanied by photos, audio and video. ASA is happy to provide this platform for media representatives and anyone interested in learning about the newest acoustics research. Please keep in mind that some of the research described in here may not have yet been peer reviewed.

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Rocket noise: What does it mean for Australian spaceports?

Rocket noise: What does it mean for Australian spaceports?

Kent L. Gee - Twitter (x): @KentLGee Instagram: @gee.kent Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, 84602, United States Logan T. Mathews, Bradley McLaughlin, Mark C. Anderson (@AerospaceMark), Grant W. Hart Brigham Young University, Utah, USA @BYU_PASCAL...

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Let’s go soundwalking!

Let’s go soundwalking!

David Woolworth - Roland, Woolworth & Associates, Oxford, MS, 38655, United States Bennett Brooks and Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp Popular version of 4pAAb1 - Introduction to Soundwalking – an important part of the soundscape method...

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Determination of the sound pressure level in fitness studios

Determination of the sound pressure level in fitness studios

Max Brahman - 1/2-22 Kirkham Road West, Keysborough, Melbourne, victoria, 3173, Australia Ulrich Gerhaher Helmut Bertsch Sebastian Wiederin Popular version of 4pEA7 - Bringing free weight areas under acoustic control Presented at the 185th ASA...

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Myth busted: classroom acoustics can be easy and cheap

Myth busted: classroom acoustics can be easy and cheap

Coralie van Reenen - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Gauteng, 0001, South Africa Popular version of 3pAAb - Classroom acoustics: a case study of the cost-benefit of retrofitted...

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Playability maps as aid for musicians

Playability maps as aid for musicians

Vasileios Chatziioannou - Department of Music Acoustics, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Vienna, Vienna, 1030, Austria Alex Hofmann Department of Music Acoustics University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna Vienna, Vienna,...

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Lay Language Papers organized by meeting

184th Meeting: Chicago, IL 8-12 May 2023
183rd Meeting: Nashville, TN 5-9 Dec 2022
182nd Meeting: Denver, CO 23-27 May 2022
181st Meeting: Seattle, WA 29 Nov – 3 Dec 2021
180th Meeting: Virtual – Acoustics in Focus 8-10 June 2021
179th Meeting: Virtual – Acoustics Virtually Everywhere 7-11 Dec 2020
178th Meeting: San Diego, CA 2-6 Dec 2019
177th Meeting: Louisville, KY
176th Meeting: Victoria British, Columbia
175th Meeting: Minneapolis, MN
174th Meeting: New Orleans, LA
173rd Meeting (8th Forum Acusticum): Boston, MA
172nd Meeting (5th Joint Meeting of ASA and ASJ): Honolulu, HI
171st Meeting: Salt lake City, UT
170th Meeting: Jacksonville, FL
169th Meeting: Pittsburgh, PA
168th Meeting: Indianapolis, IN

167th Meeting: Providence, Rhode Island
166th Meeting: San Francisco, California
165th Meeting: Montreal, Canada
164rd Meeting: Kansas City, Missouri
163rd Meeting: Hong Kong, China
162nd Meeting: San Diego, California
161st Meeting: Seattle, Washington
160th Meeting: Cancun, Mexico
159th Meeting: Baltimore, Maryland
158th Meeting: San Antonio, Texas
157th Meeting: Portland, Oregon
156th Meeting: Miami, Florida
155th Meeting: Paris, France
154th Meeting: New Orleans, Louisiana
153rd Meeting: Salt Lake City, Utah
152nd Meeting: Honolulu, Hawaii
151st Meeting: Providence, Rhode Island
150th Meeting: Minneapolis, Minnesota
149th Meeting: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
148th Meeting: San Diego, California
147th Meeting: New York, New York
146th Meeting: Austin, Texas
145th Meeting: Nashville, Tennessee
144th Meeting: Cancun, Mexico
143rd Meeting: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
142nd Meeting: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
141st Meeting: Chicago, Illinois
140th Meeting: Newport Beach, California
139th Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia
138th Meeting: Columbus, Ohio
137th Meeting: Berlin, Germany
136th Meeting: Norfolk, Virginia
135th Meeting: Seattle, Washington (ICA/ASA ’98)
134th Meeting: San Diego, California
133rd Meeting: State College, Pennsylvania
132nd Meeting: Honolulu, Hawaii
131st Meeting: Indianapolis, Indiana
130th Meeting: St. Louis Missouri