International Year of Sound Events Explore Acoustics from Sounds of the Sacred to Oceanography

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MELVILLE, N.Y., JULY 27, 2020 – The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) continues to host virtual events in August as part of the International Year of Sound.

On August 5, the ASA Student Council will host Virtual Student Summer Talks for science students to present their research on topics ranging from acoustical oceanography to speech communication. The following day, August 6, David Carreon Bradley will discuss how sound, from clashing symbols to the whisper of burning incense, is essential to the worship experience.

All events are open to the public, and admission is free. ASA encourages media, scientists, audio enthusiasts, students, educators and families to tune in.

Virtual Student Summer Talks: Wednesday, August 5 

To involve students in experiencing the scientific meeting environment, the ASA Student Council is hosting a Virtual Student Summer Talk event for science students who want to get feedback on their research, practice public speaking or just connect with others.

The topics of the student presentations will address psychological and physiological acoustics, architectural acoustics, signal processing and more into the acoustics of our world. Visit the Student Council Website for the complete speaker schedule.

Media and the public are encouraged to register to view the event at from now until August 1.

Worship Space Acoustics: Sounds of the Sacred: Thursday, August 6

David Carreon Bradley


Dr. David Carreon Bradley is no longer able to present his talk, “Worship Space Acoustics: Sounds of the Sacred.”

Dr. Andrew Morrison, professor of physics and astronomy at Joliet Junior College, will join us to discuss his work in the field of acoustics.

Dr. Morrison’s research interests include using optical methods and machine learning analysis techniques to study the vibrations of musical instruments. He received his Ph.D. from Northern Illinois University in 2005 after studying the vibration of and sound radiation from Caribbean steelpans. Dr. Morrison is a past chair of the ASA Technical Committee on Musical Acoustics, is actively involved in the ASA Committee on Education in Acoustics and has a passion for working with undergraduates in his laboratory.

Bradley, a faculty diversity officer at California State University, will talk about how the sonic environment of a worship space affects the acoustics of the spoken word and music, potentially altering how religious programming is experienced. He will also outline how acoustical design has shaped worship places for a variety of religions over the past 30 years.

His virtual talk, Worship Space Acoustics: The Sound of the Sacred, starts at 1 p.m. Eastern U.S. on August 6. The presentation will draw largely from his recent book, “Worship Space Acoustics: 3 Decades of Design.” A question-and-answer period will follow.

Bradley is past chair of the ASA Committee on Education. He is currently working on his Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership at the USC Rossier School of Education.

Don’t forget to register for this free event at


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