Acoustical Society of America
140th Meeting / NOISE-CON 2000 Lay Language Papers

Melville, New York, November 20, 2000

The following are lay language papers being presented at the 140th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America / NOISE-CON 2000 to be held December 3-8 in Newport Beach, California.


Sonoluminescence at the Nano-Scale--and Its Connection to Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction by Carlos G Camara, Keith R Weninger, and Seth J Putterman

Nanoscale Ears based on Artificial Stereocilia by Flavio Noca, Michael Hoenk, Brian Hunt, Dan Choy, Bob Kowalczyk, Jimmy Xu, Petros Koumoutsakos, Thomas Werder, and Jens Walther

Ultrasonic Eyeglasses for the Blind by Leslie Kay

Targeted Drug Release Initiated by X-rays or Ultrasound by Robert E. Apfel


Performances of George Antheil's 1924 Ballet mécanique by Paul D. Lehrman and Howard Woolf

Low Frequency and Infrasonic Vocalizations From Tigers by Elizabeth von Muggenthaler

Some Acoustics of the Shakuhachi--and of the Shakuhachi Player's Face by Joe Wolfe and John Smith


Portable Instrumentation for the Recording, Analysis, and Playback of Infrasonic Animal Vocalizations by Elizabeth von Muggenthaler

Boom Cars: Noise Pollution at its Worst by Daniel Raichel

Modal Analysis of Musical Instruments Using Electronic TV Holography by Thomas D. Rossing

Creating Virtual Spatial Audio Via Scientific Computing and Computer Vision by Ramani Duraiswami, Richard O. Duda, V. Ralph Algazi, Larry Davis, Nail Gumerov, Qing-Huo Liu, Shihab Shamma, Howard Elman, Rama Chellappa, Yiannis Aloimonos, and S.T. Raveendra

How to Achieve Normal Speech-in-Noise Perception for Learning-Disabled Children by Ann R. Bradlow, Nina Kraus, and Erin Hayes

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