Lay Language Papers
150th ASA Meeting/NOISE-CON 2005

New papers are being added up to the time of the meeting, so please check back regularly.

Melville, New York, October 10, 2005

The following are lay language versions of meeting papers being presented at the joint meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and NOISE-CON 2005 to be held October 17-21 in Minneapolis. Since ASA/NOISE-CON 2005 meeting papers are not vetted by scientific referees, please keep in mind that some of the research described in the laypapers may not have yet been peer reviewed.


Regulating Environmental Noise in Minnesota by Tim Casey

Aural Comfort and Acoustical Privacy in the Workplace by Dennis A. Paoletti

Personal Computer, Printer, and Portable Equipment Noise in Classrooms by Robert D. Hellweg, Egons K. Dunens, Terrance Baird, and John N. Olsen

Using Sound to Detect Shuttle Defects by J. Adin Mann III and Todd A. Thompson

Biases Introduced by the Fitting of Functions to Attitudinal Survey Data by Paul Schomer


Voice Recognition in Frogs by Mark A. Bee

Chimpanzees Know When to Keep Quiet by Michael l. Wilson, Marc D. Hauser, and Richard W. Wrangham

How Many People will be Awakened by Nighttime Aircraft Operations? by Nicholas P. Miller and Grant S. Anderson


Listening to Bacterial Gases by Miguel A. Horta and Steven L. Garrett

Sound Waves: Untapped Fire Extinguishers? by Dmitriy Plaks, Elizabeth Nelson, Nesha Hyatt, James Espinosa, Zade Coley, Cathy Tran, and Ben de Mayo

Where'd You Get those Ultrasonic Peepers? by Martin Lenhardt

What Do We Know About Noise in Hospitals? by James E. West and Ilene J. Busch-Vishniac

Ultrasound Beyond the Speed of Light by Joel Mobley

Painting Sound in Space by Joung-Woo Choi and Yang-Hann Kim

Queuing For Quiet - The Natural Soundscape From a Visitor Perspective by Richard D. Horonjeff

Noise Exposure Associated with Marching and Pep Bands by Joseph Keefe


Acoustic Analysis of a Horse Whinny: "Hello" and "I'm excited to see you" too! by David G. Browning and Peter M. Scheifele

What Are the Differences Between Amateur and Professional Choirs? by Harald Jers

Historic Recording Gives Choir "Alien" Feeling: In Anechoic Space, No One Can Hear You Sing by Ron Freiheit

The Phase-Shift Method for Studying Nonlinear Acoustic Behaviors of Soils by Zhiqu Lu

Studying the Acoustic Behavior of Plastic, Blast-hardened, Anti-tank Landmines by W. C. Kirkpatrick Alberts II


Speech-Recognition Interfaces for Music Information Retrieval by Masataka Goto

Melodic Representations for Theme Retrieval by Norman Adams and Gregory Wakefield

Communicating Underwater Using Natural Ocean Noise by Dennis Jones

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