ASA Lay Language Papers

ASA Spring 2014
167th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

The following are lay language versions of meeting papers being presented at the 167th Annual Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America to be held May 5 - 9, 2014, in Providence, Rhode Island. Please keep in mind that some of the research described in the lay papers may not have yet been peer reviewed.
Soundscape Auralization” Combines the Art of Recording with Science of Sound (1aAA5) by Matthew Azevedo

Breast Cancer Screening To See Revolutionary Advances with New High Definition Imaging Techniques (1aBA4) by Robert Kruger, Richard Lam, Daniel Reinecke, and Stephen Del Rio

The position of the sound source in churches (1pAA4) by Umberto Berardi and Francesco Martellotta

Turning Music into Sound: Vincenzo Galilei’s Contribution to the History of Acoustics (1pMU1) by Marina Baldissera Pacchetti

Investigation of Acoustical Parameters in the South Indian Musical Intervals (1pMU2) by Gopu R. Potty, and Venkitanarayanan Parameswaran

Physics of Stringed Instruments (1pMU5) by Gordon Ramsey and Katarzyna Pomian

Sound Power Levels of the Caxirola and Different Types of Caxixis (1pMU6) by Talita Pozzer, and Stephan Paul

Relaxing Music for College Students (1pMU10) by Wei-Chun Wang


Using Ultrasound to Detect Intracranial Hemorrhage (2aBA4) by Faik C. Meral, Phillip J. White, Amber B. Bennoui, Joleigh V. Ferro, Charles D. Maneval, Mufaddal A. Jafferji, Nicholas J. Giordano, and Greg T. Clement

The Encoding of Non-categorical Aspects of Speech and its Maintenance in Memory (2aSC1) by Georgia Zellou, and Delphine Dahan

Fluency, Intelligibility, and Acceptability of Non-native Spoken English (2aSC21) by Mengxi Lin and Alexander L. Francis

Evaluation of Acoustic Diversity in Monotheistic Faith Societies’ Religious Buildings: A Case Study from Churches and Mosques in Turkey (2pAAa7) by Filiz Kocyigit

Shh! North Atlantic Right Whale Mother-calf Pairs Keep Quiet on their Calving Grounds (2pAB7) by Susan E. Parks, Dana Cusano, Lisa Conger, and Sofie Van Parijs

Our Unconscious Imitation Helps Us Understand Speech (2pSC7) by James W. Dias, Theresa C. Cook, Dominique C. Simmons, Josh J. Dorsi, and Lawrence D. Rosenblum


Braying Leaves Them Breathless! (3aAB11) by David G. Browning and Peter M. Scheifele

Noise Pollution in the 21st Century (3aID2) by Les Blomberg

Thermoacoustic Engines as Self-powered Sensors within a Nuclear Reactor (3aPA8) by Steven L. Garrett, Randall A. Ali, James A. Smith, and Michael D. Heibel

Active Acoustic Detection of Subsea Oil and Gas Leaks; Model Prediction and Measurements (3aUWb15) by Geir Pedersen, Rune Hauge, Rokas Kubilius, and Terje Torkelsen

Power from Sound; It’s Not Just Noise (3pID2) by Kenneth A. Cunefare


School Air Conditioning Noise Impacts Test Scores (4aAA6) by Michael Ermann, Ana Jaramillo, Elena L. Serrano, and Carmen Byker

What Does a Rhino Hear, and Why Do We Care? (4aAB14) by Suzi Wiseman, Preston S. Wilson, and Frank Sepulveda

Using Sound to Engineer Blood Vessels (4aBA5) by Diane Dalecki and Denise C. Hocking

Mammalian Cell and Yeast Filtration using Acoustic Separators (4aPA3) by Brian McCarthy, Ben Ross-Johnsrud, and Bart Lipkens

Female North Atlantic Right Whales Produce Gunshot Sounds (4pAB13) by Edmund Gerstein, Vasilis Trygonis, Steven McCulloch, James Moir, and Scott Kraus

Wind Turbine Blade Health Monitoring using Acoustic Beamforming Techniques (4pSP5) by Christopher Niezrecki, Peyman Poozesh, Kai Aizawa, and Gunnar Heilmann