You’ve probably noticed that on the first of the month, we release the cover of JASA from the previous month. This time, the ASA staff cats wanted to mix it up and give you a sneak peak of the April first JASA Cat cover. JASA Cat Vol. M30W, No. 1 features images of ASA staff cats that you may have seen previously promoting the Across Acoustics podcast episode, Ultrasonic Hearing in Cats.

Some other purrposed research could also be featured on the JASA Cat cover:

  • From Cat Signal Processing, “Machine learning models to classify cat yowl”
  • From Cat Communication, “Cats do not experience auditory masking with regards to rustling treat bags”
  • From Underwater Cat Acoustics, “Passive acoustic monitoring of cats being given baths against their wills”
  • From Structural Cat Acoustics & Vibration, “Acoustic resonance of water glasses knocked off of tables”

None of these articles actually exist, so instead, check out the very real March volume of JASA at Happy April Fool’s Day! Looking for some cat themed acoustics research? Check out these very real ASA publications:

  • Ultrasonic Hearing in Cats and Other Terrestrial Mammals by M. Charlotte Kruger, Carina J. Sabourin, Alexandra T. Levine, and Stephen G. Lomber in Acoustics Today:
  • Computation of acoustic pressure fields produced in feline brains by high-intensity focused ultrasound by Nazanin Omidi, Charles C. Church, Cecille Labuda in POMA:
  • Discrimination of individual tigers (Panthera tigris) from long distance roars by An Ji, Michael T. Johnson, Edward J. Walsh, JoAnn McGee, Douglas L. Armstrong in JASA:
  • A noninvasive ultrasound device to treat urinary stones in pet cats by Adam Maxwell, Ga Won Kim, Elizabeth Lynch, Brian MacConaghy, Jody, Michael Borofsky, Michael R. Bailey, an Acoustics Lay Language Paper:
February JASA cover


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