The April cover of JASA is now available! Check it out:

The cover image comes from “Shear wave speeds in a nearly incompressible fibrous material with two unequal fiber families,” by Shuaihu Wang, Ruth J. Okamoto, Matthew D. J. McGarry, and Philip V. Bayly. JASA Coordinating Editor for Biomedical Acoustics Guillaume Haiat says he selected this figure for the cover because it “allow[s] an original visualization of the acoustic field in a fibrous anisotropic soft tissue, which is a common situation that had never been investigated. The decay of the acoustic field is clear and its heterogeneity is quantified.”

Some other research was also highlighted on the April JASA cover:

All the articles from the cover are free to read for a month after the cover is released, so be sure to check them out! You can find the whole issue at

March JASA cover


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