Happy ASA meeting week! We’re excited to see folks face to face in Ottawa. As usual, ASA Publications will have a table in the exhibit hall, where you can say hello and pick up a snazzy tote bag.

Even better, though, we have two presentations about publishing with us on Tuesday, May 14! We’re part of special session 2aBAb: Return of the Writer, from 8am to 12pm in room 210. The session is full of great talks about everything from elements of excellent research papers, to writing proposals, to how to teach writing to students.

The first session from ASA Publications is “Writing for a ‘Different’ Audience,” from 9:25 to 9:45. This talk, from Kat Setzer (ASA Publications), Micheal Dent (SUNY Buffalo), and Arthur Popper (University of Maryland) will discuss how writing for the broad audience of a magazine like Acoustics Today is different from the writing scientists often do for peer-reviewed journals. While learning this style of writing can initially be challenging, the reward is written communication that can be shared with colleagues in other disciplines, your bosses, and even your parents.

Next, from 10:00am to 10:20, Editor in Chief James Lynch and Senior Managing Editor Liz Bury will share, “Best practices for Publishing in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America,” giving insight into best practices for publishing in technical journals like JASA. They’ll cover both business communication and technical content aspects of journal writing, as well as share some standard rules and protocols. 

And don’t worry—if you can’t make the sessions, we’ll definitely be writing them up in POMA as well.


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