Let’s take a moment to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the recent ASA spring award recipients. These individuals have not only showcased unparalleled dedication to their respective fields but have also significantly propelled the boundaries of acoustics through their groundbreaking contributions. To further honor these awardees, let’s look at just a couple of their ASA publications:

ASA Gold Medal awardIngo R. Titze received the ASA Gold Medal for contributions to understanding human voice production and the development of clinical applications.

How can vocal folds oscillate with a limited mucosal wave?

Regulation of laryngeal resistance and maximum power transfer with semi-occluded airway vocalization

Silver medal awardStan Dosso received the ASA Silver Medal in Acoustical Oceanography for contributions to Bayesian inference methods in ocean acoustics and marine geophysics.

Trans-dimensional inversion for seafloor properties for three mud depocenters on the New England shelf under dynamical oceanographic conditions

Joint trans-dimensional inversion for water-column sound speed and seabed geoacoustic models

Keith Wilson received the Helmholtz-Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal in Computational Acoustics, Physical Acoustics, and Engineering Acoustics for contributions to computational acoustics, atmospheric acoustics, and national defense and security.

Phase-preserving narrow- and wide-angle parabolic equations for sound propagation in moving media

Influence of ground blocking on the acoustic phase variance in a turbulent atmosphere

Wallace Clement Sabine Medal awardPeter D’Antonio received the Wallace Clement Sabine Medal for contributions to theory, design, and application of acoustic diffusers.

A cloud-based 3D BEM framework for predicting the diffusion coefficient

Optimizing the signal to noise ratio in speech rooms using passive acoustics

Christopher M. Kube received the R. Bruce Lindsay Award for contributions to the understanding of ultrasonic propagation and nonlinearity in polycrystalline materials.

Interaction of elastic waves in solids with quadratic and cubic nonlinearity

In-process volumetric sensing of defects in multiple parts during powder bed fusion using ultrasound

Scott D. Sommerfeldt received the Rossing Prize in Acoustics Education

Solving one-dimensional acoustic systems using the impedance translation theorem and equivalent circuits: A graduate level homework assignment

Selecting a new textbook for a graduate level course on vibration and fluid acoustics

Julien Bonnel received the Medwin Prize in Acoustical Oceanography

Broadband properties of potential and kinetic energies in an oceanic waveguide

Machine-learning-based simultaneous detection and ranging of impulsive baleen whale vocalizations using a single hydrophone

Christopher Shera received the Hartmann Prize in Auditory Neuroscience

Crucial 3-D viscous hydrodynamic contributions to the theoretical modeling of the cochlear response

Overturning the mechanisms of cochlear amplification via area deformations of the organ of Corti

While we have highlighted a couple publications from each awardee, it’s important to note that their bodies of work extend far beyond these selections. We encourage everyone to explore the extensive contributions of these remarkable individuals, whose work continues to shape and advance the field of acoustics in profound ways.


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