The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) and JASA Express Letters are calling for papers for a joint Special Issue on Active and Tunable Acoustics Metamaterials. This Special Issue invites all manuscripts exploring new active and tunable acoustic or elastodynamic metamaterials. Guest Editors for this Special Issue are Michael R. Haberman, Christina Naify, Bogdan Popa, and Serife Tol. The submission deadline is September 31, 2024. Read more here!

How joint Special Issues work: Authors have the option to select JASA or JASA Express Letters to submit a paper to for a Special Issue. Accepted papers will be published in the next available regular issue of the selected journal and identified as belonging to the Special Issue. After all papers have published for the Special Issue, they will be included in a cross-journal online collection at the JASA and JASA Express Letters websites. For more on how to submit, see the Call for Papers.

Special Issue CFP


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