Last week, we talked about how Lay Language papers are a great steppingstone towards writing a POMA, but did you know that the publication “path” can go even a bit further? As it turns out, publishing research in POMA is not considered prior publication for JASA or JASA Express Letters. That means you can build on the effort you made with your POMA, reaping the benefits of both publishing in POMA and in one of the ASA’s peer-reviewed journals.

Here are some recent examples of POMAs that helped pave the way for JASA or JASA Express Letters publications (pun intended).

Give it a shot yourself! The next time you present at an ASA meeting (maybe Sydney?), write a POMA, then use it as a jumping off point for a JASA or JASA Express Letters article. Your research can start making an impact almost immediately in POMA, then be developed further in a peer-reviewed JASA or JASA Express Letters article. Don’t miss out on any of the options available to you! If you have any questions about the process of turning your POMA into a JASA or JASA Express Letters article, reach out to Liz Bury, Senior Managing Editor of the ASA.


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