Welcome to Propagations, ASA Publications’ blog! This site will act as a repository of the latest happenings from ASA Publications. On this site, you’ll find posts about…

  • Exciting new research—including articles our editors’ loved, content that’s been trending on social media, and articles that have made the news
  • Publications office news like calls for papers, journal covers, and profiles of new editors
  • Technical Area Picks selected by the chairs of ASA’s technical committees from JASA content published over the past year
  • The latest episodes of Across Acoustics, our podcast
  • Special meeting-related content
  • Acoustics-themed crosswords and other puzzles

… and more!

We’ll be updating every few weeks, starting with a post about publishing opportunities related to the 184th ASA meeting in Chicago coming soon. Use the comment section to let us know what you would like to read about and don’t forget to sign up for email notifications about new posts using the button below.

Thanks for visiting!


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