The July cover of JASA is now available and it features exciting new research from this past month!

The cover image was inspired by Figure 1 of “Acoustic scattering by smooth elastic cylinders insonified by directional transceivers: Monostatic theory and experiments,” by Miad Al Mursaline, Timothy K. Stanton, Andone C. Lavery, and Erin M. Fischell.  (Cover image courtesy of Natalie Reiner, Woods Hole Oceanography Institution.) The Coordinating Editor for Physical Acoustics, Likun Zhang, says about the feature article:

While acoustic scattering by cylinders has applications in various fields (underwater acoustics, medical imaging, and nondestructive testing), the prior models are only suitable for predictions under idealized conditions and do not account for realistic aspects encountered during laboratory and field measurements. This article presents a theoretical model accounting for these realistic effects (spherical spreading and directivity of the incident waves, and oblique insonification) for acoustic scattering by an elastic cylinder insonified by a transceiver.

07 2023 JASA cover

Some other research was also highlighted on the July JASA cover:

All the articles from the cover are free to read for a month after the cover is released, so be sure to check them out! You can find the whole issue at


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