The July JASA Express Letters cover features figure 3 of “Design and simulation of acoustic vortex wave arrays for long-range underwater communication,” by Mark E. Kelly and Chengzhi Shi. The image depicts amplitude and phase distributions for two different arrays at ranges of 100 and 1000 m.

This month’s issue also includes two Editor’s Picks you don’t want to miss:

And, last but certainly not least, AIP published a new Scilight, “Membraned metasurface blocks noise but not air flow,” about the article, “Ventilated acoustic metasurface with low-frequency sound insulation,” by Yingxin Zhang, Yao Wei Chin, Xiang Yu, Milan Shrestha, Gih-Keong Lau, Boo Cheong Koo, Kun Liu, and Zhenbo Lu.

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07-2023 JASA-EL cover


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