The May covers are now available and feature exciting new research from this past month!

The JASA cover features a few panels of Figure 5 from “Source localization based on steered frequency–wavenumber analysis for sparse array,” by Y. H. Choi, J. S. Kim, and Gihoon Byun. The images depict results of waveguide simulation in the environment of SAVEX15, a shallow-water acoustic variability experiment conducted in May 2015.

Some other research was also highlighted on the May JASA cover:

You can find the whole issue at

The JASA Express Letters cover features an image of a simulated pressure field from figure 2 of “Transcranial ultrasound simulation with uncertainty estimation,” by Antonio Stanziola, José A. Pineda-Pardo, and Bradley Treeby. (Browse the rest of the issue at

May JASA & JASA-EL covers

May JASA & JASE-EL covers


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