The November cover of JASA is now available! Check it out:

The cover image is from Figures 1 of “Contribution of acoustic cues to prominence ratings for four Mandarin vowels,” by Wei Zhang and Meghan Clayards. The Coordinating Editor for Speech Communication, Zhaoyan Zhang, says about the feature article: “There are many acoustic cues that speakers can use to focus listeners’ attention to words that most contribute to what they want to say. How these acoustics cues are used varies by speaker and is also constrained by other factors such as vowel types and tone contrasts in a tone language. This article is interesting in that it explores the different strategies speakers may use to signal focus for different vowels and tone contrasts in Mandarin.”

Some other research was also highlighted on the November JASA cover:

All the articles from the cover are free to read for a month after the cover is released, so be sure to check them out! You can find the whole issue at

11 2023 JASA Cover


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