The Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA) serves as a platform for showcasing acoustics research presented at Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Meetings. With the winners of the POMA Student Paper Competition from the 184th ASA Meeting soon to be announced, we would like to highlight some past winners. These outstanding papers delve into diverse areas of acoustics, ranging from directional acoustic structures and computational fluid dynamics to array deformations and transfer functions.

Lara Díaz-García, Andrew Reid, Joseph Jackson-Camargo, and James Windmill. “Directional passive acoustic structures inspired by the ear of Achroia grisella.” Proc. Mtgs. Acoust 50, 032001 (2022) doi:

This paper explores the fascinating concept of developing small and directional microphones inspired by the ear of the moth, Achroia grisella. The researchers employ bio-inspiration to overcome the challenge of achieving directional hearing in miniature microphones. By combining analytical equations, finite element modeling, 3D-printing, and experimental measurements, they demonstrate the feasibility of creating innovative microphones with improved directional hearing capabilities.


Mara Salut Escarti-Guillem, Luis M. Garcia-Raffi, Sergio Hoyas, and Oliver Gloth. “Assessment of Computational Fluid Dynamics acoustic prediction accuracy and deflector impact on launch aero-acoustic environment.” Proc. Mtgs. Acoust 50, 040001 (2022) doi:

This paper focuses on the assessment of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in predicting acoustic environments during launch activities. The researchers investigate the accuracy of CFD simulations in predicting the aero-acoustic environment and the impact of deflectors on noise reduction. Through their study, they provide valuable insights into the use of CFD for optimizing launch vehicle design and reducing noise emissions.


Kanad Sarkar, Manan Mittal, Ryan Corey, Andrew Singer. “Measuring and Exploiting the Locally Linear Mapping between Relative Transfer Functions and Array deformations.” Proc. Mtgs. Acoust 50, 055001 (2022) doi:

This paper delves into the measurement and utilization of the locally linear mapping between relative transfer functions and array deformations. The researchers propose a novel approach to exploit the relationship between acoustic transfer functions and array deformations, enabling improved understanding and control of the acoustic field. Their findings have implications for various applications, including acoustic imaging, sound source localization, and beamforming.

Stay tuned for the announcement of winners from the 184th ASA meeting in Chicago!

To all the students reading this post, make sure to submit your abstracts by July 24, 2023, so that you can participate in the upcoming POMA Student Paper Competition for the 185th ASA Meeting in Sydney, Australia! Up to five student papers will receive an award of USD $300 and the opportunity to appear on the ASA publications podcast, Across Acoustics. Submitting to POMA is not only a chance to win recognition but also a great opportunity to boost a CV or resume with an editor-reviewed proceedings paper. For complete competition information, visit the ASA meetings page.

We encourage you to listen to all the student paper competition episodes on the podcast. These episodes offer valuable insights into cutting-edge research and highlight the achievements of young acousticians like yourself.


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