This month, the most popular posts on Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), and LinkedIn were all related to the latest volume of Acoustics Today (AT), which was published online early in September.


Popular FB post Sept


The announcement post featuring the cover art of the AT Fall 2023, Volume 19, Issue 3 on Facebook reached over 1500 users! AT is a quarterly magazine and is free online so be sure to read and share this issue with friends, family, and colleagues at

Moving to Instagram, users enjoyed this post with a schematic illustrating what qualifies as good high- and low-frequency hearing for various species from “Extended High Frequency in Hearing and Speech.” Read the complete article at

Popular Instagram post - sept


Then, on X (formerly known as Twitter), users were really intrigued by this post about the article, “A Century of Acousto-Optics: From Early Discoveries to Modern Sensing of Sound with Light,” Read it to learn about the history and to look ahead into some of the exciting prospects in the field at

Finally, over at LinkedIn, users have been commenting on the post highlighting the AT Letter from the President to congratulate the newly elected ASA President, Stan E. Dosso. Read the complete letter at

Popular Twitter post - sept


Popular LinkedIn post - sept


While posts about the AT Fall 2023 issue were the most popular this month, here are some honorable mentions featuring other ASA Publications:

  • Facebook post about the POMA, “Is the stiffness of the Reissner’s membrane important for frequency selectivity? An investigation with a hydrodynamic model”:
  • Instagram post with a figure from the JASA Express Letters, “Sound delivery to listening point using tangent line method”:
  • LinkedIn post about the JASA publication, “Statistical analysis of measured underwater radiated noise from merchant ships using ship operational and design parameters”:

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