Acoustical Society of America
133rd Meeting Lay Language Papers

Dates in red are the dates posted or updated to the Press Room. Woodbury, New York, May 14, 1997

The following are lay language papers being presented at the 133rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, June 16-20, 1997 at the Penn State Conference Center in State College, Pennsylvania.

Star in a Jar: A New Model for Single-Bubble Sonoluminescence by William C. Moss, Douglas B. Clarke, and David A. Young 6/03/97

Can Noise Levels at School Gymnasia Cause Hearing Loss: A Case Study of a Physical Education Teacher by Tao Jiang 6/03/97

The DTC Loudspeaker by Gabriel Weinreich 6/03/97

Acoustics of Eastern and Western Bells, Old and New by Thomas D. Rossing 6/03/97

Continued Investigation of Noise Reduction
by a Random-Edge Noise Barrier
by Eric Rosenberg and Ilene J. Busch-Vishniac 6/03/97

Factors Influencing the Perception of Bass by John S. Bradley, Gilbert A. Soulodre, and Scott Norcross 6/03/97

Infrasound Method for Bone Mass Measurements by Dimitri M. Donskoy 6/03/97

Comparison of Low-frequency Communication by Footdrumming in Three Species of Solitary, Desert Rodent, Kangaroo Rats by Jan A. Randall 6/03/97

Experimental Investigation of King Song-Dok Bell : Its Acoustical Characteristics by Yang-Hann Kim 6/03/97

The Interaction of Pitch and Loudness in Dynamic Stimuli: Beyond the Doppler Illusion by John G. Neuhoff and Michael K. McBeath 6/03/97

Impact of Hearing Loss on Children in Typical School Environments by Peggy B. Nelson 6/05/97

Pilot Studies of Speech Communication In Elementary School Classrooms by Carl C. Crandell, Gary W. Siebein, M. Joyce Hasell, Martin A. Gold, Phillip Abbott, Christopher, Herr, Hee Won Lee, and Mitchell Lehde 6/03/97

On-line Contactless Measurement of the Elastic Modulus of a Moving Sheet by Ultrasonic Method by Mazen Khoury and Andre Schroder 6/03/97

Acoustic Cavitation: An Option for Medical Sterilization? by Sylvia Kwakye 6/03/97

Hot Topics in Acoustical Oceanography by Michael J. Buckingham 6/03/97

America's Need for Standards and Guidelines to Ensure Satisfactory Classroom Acoustics by David Lubman 6/04/97

Revisiting Speech Interference by Noise in Classrooms and Considering Some Possible Solutions by Michel Picard and John S. Bradley 6/04/97

How Brass Instruments are Built: Art, Craft, Perhaps Even Science by Robert W. Pyle, Jr 6/07/97

HyperSonicTM Sound by Elwood G. Norris 6/07/97

Aircraft Damage Detection From Acoustic Signals Found By A Cockpit Voice Recorder by Ronald O. Stearman, Glen H. Schulze, Stuart M. Rohre, and Monte C. Buschow 6/10/97

Pharmacological Intervention with Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by Donald Henderson, Bo-Hua Hu, Sandra L. McFadden, Howard Steinman, and Richard Kopke 6/12/97

Perceptual Measures of Visual and Auditory Cues in Film Music by Scott D. Lipscomb 6/12/97
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