Lay Language Papers
157th ASA Meeting

The following are lay language versions of meeting papers being presented at the 157th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, to be held May 18-22 2009 in Portland, Oregon. Please keep in mind that some of the research described in the laypapers may not have yet been peer reviewed.


"Do breeding Lusitanian toadfish males sing away their identity, breeding motivation and quality?" (1aABa4) by M. Clara P. Amorim et al

"Passive Acoustic Detection of Herring Size" (1aABa13) by Thomas Hahn et al

"Vocal cord model to produce human-like vibrations" (1aSCa1) by Kotaro Fukui et al

"Talking and Singing With Your Hands" (1aSCa2) by Sidney Fels et al

"Synthesizing Vowel Transitions with an Analog Vocal Tract" (1aSCa4) by Michael Brady et al

"Women get more nasal when they're sleepy" (1aSCb14) by Suzanne Boyce et al

"Two ears are better than one for toadfish to find each other" (1pABa) by Peggy Edds-Walton

"What makes a good harp" (1pMU1) by Chris Waltham et al

"Importance of visual cues in networked music performances" (1pMU8) by Jonas Braasch

"Acoustic techniques for soil characterization and levee and dam assessment" (1pPA1) by Zhiqu Lu et al

"Surface wave method for shallow soil exploration" (1pPA2) by Zhiqu Lu et al

"Reverse it and have better communication quality" (1pSP15) by Gee-Pinn Too et al


"Targeted Ultrasound Contrast Agents for the Imaging of Biofilm Infections" (2aBB10) by Pavlos Anastasiadis et al

"Quantifying the time-varying coordination between performer and audience" (2aSC44) by Adriano V. Barbosa et al

"What Makes a Vowel Sound Gay? Using Acoustics to Resolve an Apparent Paradox" (2aSC48) by Benjamin Munson et al

"Singers' preferences for acoustical characteristics of performing spaces" (2pAA8) by Kathleen Stetson

"Acoustic energy harvesting using an electromechanical Helmholtz resonator" (2pEAb2) by Fei Liu et al


"Underwater recorders used worldwide to monitor whale and dolphin sounds" (3aAB1) by Sean M. Wiggins et al

"Investigation of an ultrasound imaging technique to target kidney stones" (3aBB1) by Anup Shah et al

"Can Noise from Race Cars Break Glass?" (3aNS6) by David Braslau et al

"Skull flexure from blast waves: a mechanism for brain injury with implication for helmet design" (3pBB5) by William Moss et al

"Keepin’ it Real: The Importance of Maintaining the Natural Color Spectrum of Video Recordings (3pSC15) by Rachel Frush Holt et al


"Sounds of Cuvier's beaked whale and the bottlenose dolphin" (4aAB4 and 4aAB5) by Ted W. Cranford et al

"Perfect Pitch: Language Wins Out Over Genetics" (4aMU1) by Diana Deutsch et al

"Describing Sound with Everyday Words" (4aMU2) by Mihir Sarkar et al

"Acoustics & Health: New Code-Level Criteria Set for Acoustics in Healthcare Facilities" (4aNS1) by David Sykes

"Parametric projectors protecting marine mammals from vessel collisions" (4aPA11) by Edmund R. Gerstein et al

"How visual cues help us understand speech in a complex environment & Auditory attention and the active listener" (4aPP8 and 3pID2) by Barbara Shinn-Cunnigham et al

"Forensic voice comparison - Reality not TV" (4aSCa06) by Geoffry Stewart Morrison

"Just giggling? Information content of the hyena's laugh" (4pAB) by Nicolas Mathevon et al

"'The Grand Canyon' vs. 'Soundscape from Nowhere (continued)'" (4pNSb3) by Dick Hingson

"The Effects of Quinine-Induced Hearting Loss on Auditory Perception (4pPP10) by Erica J. Williams et al

"Wavelet-Based Neural Networks Applied to Automatic Detection of Road Surface Conditions Using Tire Noise from Vehicles" (4pSP5) by W. Kongrattanaprasert et al


"Variable Reflection Free Zone Control Room Gives Sound Designers More Options" (5aAA6) by Jon Mooney

"Decoding the information contained in the alarm calls of Gunnison's prairie dogs" (4aAB11) by Con Slobodchikoff et al

"Prediction of Noise from the Portland International Raceway" (5aNS2) by Angus Deuchars

"Are Hybrid Cars Too Quiet?" (5aNS8) by Lawrence D. Rosenblum et al

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