ASA Lay Language Papers

ICA 2013
21st International Congress on Acoustics
165th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America
52nd Meeting of the Canadian Acoustical Association

The following are lay language versions of meeting papers being presented at the 21st International Congress on Acoustic (ICA 2013, Montreal) to be held June 2-7, 2013, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Please keep in mind that some of the research described in the lay papers may not have yet been peer reviewed.

Detection and Separation of Dispersed Oil from Oil Spills Using Sound Waves (1aPAa2) by Han Wang, Sungman Kim, ChiwanKoo, Younghak Cho, Young-Joe Kim, and Arum Han

The Detection of Sleepiness from the Sounds Obtained Inside of the Body (1aScb9) by Masanori Akita, Hiroyuki Kamitabira, Tomohiko Yoshida, Syogo Kanamitsu, and Yoichi Midorikawa

The Crocodilian “Language”: Crocodiles and caimans share the same acoustic code (1pAB1) by Nicolas Mathevon, Thierry Aubin, and Amélie Vergne

Echolocating Bats are Attracted to Glinting Echo (1pAB6) by Yuki Kinoshita and Shizuko Hiryu

Noise Pollution in Porto Velho, a Typical City of Western Amazonia, and Approaches to Cope with It (1pNSb6) by Stephan Paul and Isabel Kuniyoshi

Active Hearing Protection for Musicians (1pNSa7) by Antoine Bernier and Jeremie Voix

The Consequences of Blindness for Judging the Distance of Sound Sources: A "compression" of the auditory world (1pPPb24) by Andrew Kolarik, Brian Moore, Shahina Pardhan, and Silvia Cirstea


From Felt to Fungus: Innovation in acoustic materials (2aAAb) by Dawn Schuette and Scott Pfeiffer

Vibrato Rate Variability in Opera, Rock, and Sertanejo Singing (2aMU8) by Guilherme Pecoraro, Daniella Curcio, and Mara Behlau

Efficient Warning Sounds for Quiet Vehicles (Electric and Hybrid) (2aNSa5) by Etienne Parizet, Ryan Robart, Perceval Pondrom, Wolfgang Ellermeier, Joseph Schlittenlacher, Karl Janssens, Fabio Biancardi, Jean-Christophe Chamard, David Quinn, and Paul Speed-Andrews

Making Roads Quieter Using Buried Resonators (2aNSa8) by Manuel Maennel, Jens Forssen, and Bart van der Aa

Perception of Speaker Age in Children's Voices (2aSC15) by Peter Assmann, Santiago Barreda, and Terrance M. Nearey

Your Attention, Please! Determining saliency of competing audio stimuli in natural scenarios (2pAB11) by Francesco Tordini, Albert S. Bregman, Jeremy R. Cooperstock, Anupriya Ankolekar, and Thomas Sandholm

Music of the Body: An investigation of skull resonance and its influence on musical preference (2pMU3) by Jitwipar Suwangbutra, Rachelle Tobias and Michael S. Gordon

Perception of Annoying Sounds in Hearing-impaired Listeners (2pPPb23) by Susie Valentine, Martin McKinney, Dania Rishiq, and Tao Zhang

Communication Aid Utilizing Bone-conducted Sound via Teeth by Means of a Mouthpiece Form Actuator (2pPPb32) by Mikio Muramatsu, Junko Kurosawa, Yasuhiro Oikawa, and Yoshio Yamasaki


Dolphin Echolocation Is Not Seeing with Sound (3aAB7) by Heidi E. Harley, Wendi Fellner, and Barbara Losch

Gene Therapy for Huntington's Disease: The future of focused ultrasound (3aBAa3) by Kullervo Hynynen, Alison Burgess, Yuexi Huang, William Querbes, and Dinah W. Sah

Tracking a Human Walker with a Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensor (3aUWa1) by Emery M. Ku and Gregory L. Duckworth


Newly Patented Tuning Tubes Help the Baby Boomers Hear in a Room (4aAAb) by Bonnie Schnitta

Wear Two and Call Me in the Morning: Ultrasound Enhanced Pain Relief Patches (4aBA7) by Matt Langer, Sabrina Lewis, Shane Fleshman, and George Lewis

Sensory Evaluation of Concert Hall Acoustics (4aID1) by Tapio Lokki

Carhart's Notch: A window into mechanisms of bone-conducted hearing (4aPPa2) by Namkeun Kim, Charles R. Steele, and Sunil Puria

Falling Stars: Acoustic influences on meteor detection (4aPPb5) by Darlene Edewaard and Michael S. Gordon

Voice Types of American English and the New Science of Vocal Typology (4aSCb3) by Tyler McPeek and James Harnsberger

A Surround Microphone in Your Pocket (4aSP2) by Julian Palacino and Rozenn Nicol

Acoustic Invasion: How can invasive species impact native species acoustically? (4pAB3) by Camila Both and Taran Grant

How Do Humpback Whales Hear Each Other When It's Noisy? (4pAB5) by Rebecca Dunlop, Michael Noad, and Douglas Cato

Tinnitus in a Computer Model (4pPP8) by Roland Schaette


"Acoustical Archaeology" Allows Modern Listeners to Hear John Donne Preach in 1622 (5aAAa5) by Matthew Azevedo, Ben Markham, and John N. Wall

The Language of Emotion: Acoustic differences in the singing and speaking voice (5aMUb) by S. R. Livingstone, K. Peck, and F. A. Russo

Scientists Use Acoustic Energy to Make Foods Sound (5aPA6) by Hao Feng, Bin Zhou, Hyoungill Lee, Hee Kyung Park, Sindy Palma, Yanfang Li, and Arne J. Pearlstein