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POMA Manuscript Manager


Sydney POMA

Greetings, again, ASA Sydney Session Chairs! We’re checking in after a few busy months of papers flowing into POMA from the 185th Meeting to invite you, once again, to submit a Session Summary highlighting the information and research shared during your session in Sydney.

The format of the summary is flexible: it can describe various aspects of your session including an overview of the topics presented or a recap of the discussions that took place. Some session organizers provide background on the session topic, and others include a list of abstracts for the talks presented. For example, please see recently published summaries from the 184th Meeting in Chicago:


Given both the effort involved with organization and the excellent perspectives often shared during the talks, this is a valuable opportunity to have a written, archived record for all of the ASA membership to enjoy and delve deeper into, as more and more corresponding and related papers are published!

In fact, allow POMA to turn your Session Summary into a permanent Collection with POMAs from individual presentations in the same session!  Please see some examples of POMA Special Topics Collections from past ASA Meetings: https://pubs.aip.org/poma/collections

All Session Summaries and Collections are further advanced and disseminated by promotion on social media and in email campaigns featuring new POMA content.

More information about Submitting to POMA, including templates in Word and LaTex, can be found at https://pubs.aip.org/asa/poma/pages/manuscript.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Manuscript Manager at poma@acousticalsociety.org.

We look forward to receiving your Session Summary submission soon! Plus, keep an eye out for the results of the Sydney POMA Student Paper Competition.  Student presenters have made an impressive showing so far. In fact, a bounty of other papers based on presentations and poster sessions delivered at the meeting are currently in process, with several published already in Volume 52 of POMA.


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