The spring issue of Acoustics Today is now out! The cover features close up images of mud from the New England Mud Patch. The related article talks about why the acoustics of mud are interesting and important (pg. 37). (Fun fact, the image is actually adapted from a figure in this POMA article!)

Other topics in this issue:

  • The ways acoustical oceanographers use underwater ambient sound to measure the complex internal structure of the ocean,
  • The unprecedented changes in the world’s acoustical environments that people observed during the pandemic
  • Changes to soundscapes as the world enters a postpandemic era
  • Jim Simmons’ career studying bat echolocation
  • The unique acoustics of large venues like arenas, stadiums, and ampitheaters

Plus there’s an interview with Karl Grosh of University of Michigan, an overview of the International Liaison Committee’s Excellence in Acoustics Around the World session during the most recent ASA meeting, and look at how students are fostering inclusion in the field of acoustics.

If you don’t want to wait for your print copy to arrive in the mail, you can check out the entire issue online!


Spring Acoustics Today


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