The winter issue of Acoustics Today is now out! The cover features a photo of David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City, taken by Paul H. Scarbrough. The related article discusses the 60-year process to make the hall “finally possess acoustics worthy of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra” (pg. 41).

Other topics in this issue:

  • Free reed instruments, a class of reed-based wind instruments where a reed swings freely through an open frame to generate a sound
  • Harnessing the renewable power contained in ocean waves and currents and converting it to electricity
  • How computers understand human speech
  • A history of stage acoustics, from the musicians’ perspective

Plus there’s an interview with Andy Piacsek of Central Washington University, an update on the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund, and an essay on how to be an effective leader in acoustics.

If you don’t want to wait for your print copy to arrive in the mail, you can check out the entire issue online!

Acoustics Today Winter 2023


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