The month of May has flown by! Let’s look back at some content that captured the attention of the acoustics community on different social media platforms. These posts sparked engagement and ignited discussions around acoustics research!

First up, a JASA post on Facebook highlighted a paper that presents the most complete description currently available of how femininity and masculinity in a voice is manifested in the acoustic signal. Read the article at

Social Media Facebook May


Over on Instagram, an image featuring the ASA Press cover of The Science of Musical Sound Volume 1: Stringed Instruments, Pipe Organs, and the Human Voice received over 45 likes. You can get the book at

Social Media Instagram May


Then, folks on LinkedIn liked the post highlighting ASA awardees’ publications. Read the Propagations blog post at

Social Media LinkedIn May


Lastly, on the JASA Express Letters Twitter (X) account, a post about the paper “Predicting underwater acoustic transmission loss in the SOFAR channel from ray trajectories via deep learning” got a lot of love. Read it at

Social Media Twitter May

Twitter (X)

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