Acoustical Society of America
147th Meeting Lay Language Papers

New papers are being added up to the time of the meeting, so please check back regularly. Melville, New York, May 17, 2004

The following are lay language versions of meeting papers being presented at the 75th Anniversary Meeting (147th Meeting) of the Acoustical Society of America to be held May 24 - 28 in New York City. Since ASA meeting papers are not vetted by scientific referees, please keep in mind that some of the research described in the laypapers may not have yet been peer reviewed.


Verbal Memory Performance Not Affected by Speech Interference by Dana M. Lodico, Rendell R. Torres, Yasushi Shimizu and Claudia Hunter

Impact of Classroom Noise on Reading and Vocabulary Skills in Elementary School-Aged Children by Prudence Allen, Chris Allan, Nashlea Brogan, and Michelle Baker

The Bullfrog: Conveying Multiple Messages in a Single Vocalization by Andrea Simmons and Dianne Suggs

Ultrasound Maps the Eye by Ronald H. Silverman, D. Jackson Coleman, Dan Reinstein, and Frederic L. Lizzi

Does A Little Noise Exposure Help Our Hearing? by Gerald Fleischer and Reinhard Mueller

The Concert Hall Experience: How Visual Stimuli Can Affect What We Hear by Jerald R. Hyde


Destroying Deep-Seated Tumors with "Interstitial" Ultrasound by Cyril Lafon, David Melodelima, Jean-Yves Chapelon, and Dominique Cathignol

A New Way of Manipulating Domains in Piezoelectric Materials by Using Ultrasound by Igor Ostrovskii, M. Borovoy, O. Korotchenkov, Andrij B. Nadtochii, and R. Chupryna

How Birds Perceive the World by Micheal Dent

"He Sounded 'Bueno' to Me": Misperceptions of Spanish Parkinsonian Speech by English Listeners by Michael Fraas

Communication Acoustics in Bell Labs by J.L. Flanagan

The "Hees" and "Haws" of Donkey Brays by David Browning

Retrieving the Sources in Historical Recordings by George Brock-Nannestad

Listening to Old Recordings with a Virtual Stylus by Carl Haber, Vitaliy Fadeyev, Zachary Radding. Christian Maul, John W. McBride, and Mitch Golden

SmartMusicKIOSK: Music Listening Station with Chorus-Search Function by Masataka Goto

Quieting Computer Fans: Fighting Sound with Sound by Scott D. Sommerfeldt, Brian Monson, and Connor Duke




The "Gunshot" Sound Made By Male Right Whales by Susan Parks, Philip K. Hamilton, Scott D. Kraus, and Peter L. Tyack

How Bats' Ears Probe Space: Look Around While You Whistle by Rolf Müller, John C. T. Hallam, Herbert Peremans, Alexander Streicher, and Reinhard Lerch

Sound Detection Based on Tunneling Electrons by Michael Pedersen

Mantras to Music: Acoustics in Hinduism by M.G. Prasad

Attitudes & Headphones: Correlating Preferred Listening Levels With Feelings In Children In Grades 3-8 by Laura Warren, Jean Warren, and Dominique Cheenne

The Nationwide Speech Project by Cynthia Clopper and David Pisoni

Counting Fish in Rivers Just Got a Lot Easier by Debby L. Burwen, Suzanne Maxwell, and Carl Pfisterer

Stairway to Reverb by Alex Case

Intuitive Acoustics: Musicians Find Their Place in New York's Subway Stations by Alex Case

Acoustics of Old Asian Bells by Thomas D. Rossing

The Design and Analysis of New Musical Bells by Neil M. McLachlan

The Acoustics of Historic Carved Baltic Psaltery by Andres Peekna and Thomas D. Rossing

The Harpsichord in 1929 and the Emperor's New Clothes by Edward Kottick

Acoustics of Glass Harmonicas by Thomas D. Rossing

Processing Two Sounds at Once by Donal Sinex


Acoustics of Early Music Spaces from the 11th to 18th Century: Rediscovery of the Acoustical Excellence of Medium-Sized Rooms by Alban Bassuet

Acoustical Phenomenon in Ancient Totonac's Monument by Jos Snchez-Dehesa, Andreas Hkansson, F. Cervera, F. Meseguer , B. Manzanares-Martnez, and F. Ramos-Mendieta

Echoes in the HeadAn Ultrasonic Approach to the Detection of Brain Injury by Joel Mobley, Tuan Vo-Dinh, Brian J. Daley, and Martin C. Holland

A Shot in the City: Locating a Sound Source in an Urban Environment by Lanbo Liu and Donald G. Albert

High Performance Directional Microphones for Hearing Aids by Douglas L. Jones, Christopher D. Schmitz, Nandini Iyer, Michael E. Lockwood, Charissa R. Lansing and Albert S. Feng

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