Lay Language Papers
4th Joint ASA/ASJ Meeting

New papers are being added up to the time of the meeting, so please check back regularly.

The following are lay language versions of meeting papers being presented at the joint meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the Acoustical Society of Japan, to be held November 28-December 2, 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Please keep in mind that some of the research described in the laypapers may not have yet been peer reviewed.


More Than Words Can Say: Using Prosody to Find Sentence Boundaries in Speech by Yang Liu and Elizabeth Shriberg

Voice as Artistic Expression in Noh by Hideki Kawahara, Osamu Fujimura and Yasuyuki Konparu

Sounding off on Breast Cancer by Neb Duric, Peter Littrup, Earle Holsapple, and Olsi Rama

Laughometer: Non-Restrictive and Long-Term Monitoring System of Utterances and Laughing Noises by Masafumi Matsumura, Yutaka Kawabata, Ryoji Suzuki, and Masaki Yoshida

Shake, But No Bake: New Ultrasound Technique Enhances Drug Delivery Without Cooking the Clots in Stroke Victims by Christy K. Holland, Sauraubh Datta, Sampada S. Vaidya, George J. Shaw, Jason M. Meunier, and Constantin-C. Coussios


Novel Microfluid System using Surface Acoustic Waves by Hiroki Kuwano, Masato Sato, Jooohyung Bae and Sumito Nagasawa

Electric Musical Instruments using Mat Switches by Takuya Niikawa, Ryosuke Kawachi, Kotaro Minato, Tatsuo Yoshihara, and Naoya Terayama

Biomedical Application of Acoustic Microscopy by Yoshifumi Saijo, Hidehiko Sasaki, Naohiro Hozumi, Kazuto Kobayashi, Hiroaki Okawai, Motonao Tanaka, and Floyd Dunn


Changing Your Mind In A Cocktail Party Scene by Shihab A Shamma and Mounya Elhilali

Digital Hearing Aids: From Wheelbarrows to Ear Inserts by Harry Levitt

Development of Novel Biologically Inspired Directional Microphones by R. N. Miles, W. Cui, Q. Su, R. Wu, L. Tan, Y. Liu, S. Jones, V. Mohnankrishnaswamy, T. Strait, W. Butler, D. Dibernardo, F. L. Degertekin, B. Bicen, K. Jeelani, W. Lee,and S. Qureshi

How Much Noise Do College Students Experience During Their School Days? by William A. Yost, Noorah Koita, Robert Maslo, Prasad Patel, Ruchita Patel, and Brendan Ringhouse

The Songs of Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants by Takayuki Nakata, Sandra E. Trehub, Yukihiko Kanda, and Haruo Takahashi

How the Mother Tongue Influences the Musical Ear by John R. Iversen, Aniruddh D. Patel, and Kengo Ohgushi


How to Compare Concert Halls by Listening to Music by Gottfried K. Behler

Look Who's Talking: Humpbacks Don't Just Sing by Rebecca A. Dunlop, Michael J. Noad, Douglas H. Cato, and Dale Stokes

Soundtrack for the Great Ball Court at Chichen Itza by David Lubman


Termite Head-Banging: Sounding the Alarm by Tom Fink, Lichuan Gui, Yong Wang, Zhonghua Cao, Adarsh Jaiswal, Orwa Tahaineh, Vijay Ramalingam, Roger Hasse, Alan Lax, and John Seiner

Quiet Heights and Pulse Tails: The Modal Structure of Near-Ground to Near-Ground Sound Propagation in the Nocturnal Duct by Roger Waxler with Kenneth Gilbert and Carrick Talmadge

My Voice Does Not Work in This Classroom - Why? by Malte Kob, Gottfried Behler, Anja Kamprolf, Christiane Neuschaefer-Rube and Oliver Goldschmidt

A Noise-Immune Stethoscope for Use in Noisy Environments by Adrianus.J.M. Houtsma, Ian P. Curry, John M. Sewell and William N. Bernhard

Noise Emissions from Powered Hand Tools - A Consumer Alert! by Cdr. Charles Hayden and Ed Zechmann

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