Effective Media Interactions Training Workshop

Supplemental Materials


Speaking to the Media

  • Check out the ASA Meeting Press Conference
  • Click here to download the workshop notes for best practices
  • Develop a 1-minute-pitch
  • Review this checklist before talking to media:
    • Loop in your organization’s press officer or media team
    • Vet the journalist and read some of their work
    • Acknowledge their request promptly
    • Find out their deadline, outlet, and audience
    • Confirm the interview format
    • Determine your key talking points
    • Choose your language based on the audience
    • Practice describing your work in plain language
    • Prepare examples and helpful analogies
    • Share your passion for the research
    • Prepare multimedia: high-resolution images, sound files, video clips
    • Follow up after the interview

Writing for the Media

Using Social Media

  • Check out the ASA publications’ social media guide for posting templates
  • Use social media management tools like Hootsuite or Later to schedule or cross post content.
  • When making a post, be sure it
    • is short and to the point (or the first sentence is a good hook).
    • avoids jargon where possible. 
    • includes an image or figure that can be understood with little context.
    • tags the relevant users on the platform.
    • includes relevant hashtags.

View or download the presentation slides by clicking the image below.