Acoustical Society of America
144th Meeting - First Pan-American/Iberian Meeting on Acoustics
Lay Language Papers

New papers are being added up to the time of the meeting, so please check back regularly. Melville, New York, November 16, 2002

The following are lay language papers being presented at the 144th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America to be held December 2-6 in Cancun, Mexico.


Microscopy Using Sound Waves by Joie P. Jones


Listening to the Sound of a Melting Arctic Ocean by Peter Mikhalevsky, Brian Sperry, and Alexander Gavrilov

Stop that Screech! An Improved Hearing Aid Transducer by David E. Schafer, Mekell Jiles, Thomas E. Miller, and Stephen C. Thompson

How Long Do Females Really Listen? Assessment Time for Female Choice in the Gray Treefrog by Joshua J. Schwartz

Creating a Web-based Library of Underwater Biological Sounds by Jack W. Bradbury, Carol A. Bloomgarden, and Shelagh A. Smith

Observation of Laryngeal Movements for Throat Singing (Vibrations of two pairs of folds in the human larynx) by Ken-Ichi Sakakibara, Tomoko Konishi, Emi Zuiki Murano, Hiroshi Imagawa, Masanobu Kumada, Kazumasa Kondo, and Seiji Niimi


Psychoacoustic Influences of the Echoing Environments of Prehistoric Art by Steven J. Waller

Dual Pulse Lithotripsy Points Toward Faster, Safer Treatment for Kidney Stones by Dahlia L. Sokolov, Michael R. Bailey, Lawrence A. Crum, James A. McAteer, and Andrew P. Evan

Can Shock Waves Kill Bacteria? by Achim M. Loske, Ulises M. Alvarez, Eduardo Castao-Tostado, and Fernando E. Prieto

Reducing Impulsive Sound Due to Airbag Deployment in a Passenger Car by Robert Hickling, Kathleen Yaremchuk, and Gary Newton, Jr.

Cool Sounds by Matthew E. Poese and Steven L. Garrett

Hearing a Volcano Change by Roel Snieder, Alexandre Gret, Huub Douma, and John Scales

A Global Network of Hydroacoustic Stations for Monitoring the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty by Martin Lawrence, Marta Galindo Arranz, Patrick Grenard, and John Newton


An Acoustical Performance Space in Ancient India: The Rani Gumpha by C. Thomas Ault and Umashankar Manthravadi

Ultrasonic Drug Delivery? by Ludwig Weimann and Junru Wu -- en Espaol

Laser Ultrasonic Sensor for Measuring Paper Flexibility by Paul Ridgway, Richard Russo, Emmanuel Lafond, Charles Habeger, Jr., and Ted Jackson

Yaxchilan's Whistles (Clay Frogs) by Roberto Velazquez Cabrera -- en Espaol

Learning the Sounds of a New Language: Adults Can Do It Too! by Paola Escudero

Could Lack of Experience with a Second Language Be Modeled as a Hearing Loss? by Monica Padilla and Robert V. Shannon -- en Espaol


Impact of Boats on the Song of Humpback Whales off Brazil by Renata S. Sousa-Lima, Maria E. Morete, Roberto C. Fortes, Ana C. Freitas, and Marcia H. Engel -- em Português

Unique Gel-coupled Acoustic Sensor Monitors Human Voice and Physiology by Michael V. Scanlon

Music in the Urban Soundscape? by Dick Botteldooren, Bert De Coensel, and Tom De Muer

Dancing the Aerobics "Hearing Loss Choreography" by Beatriz Pinto, Antnio Carvalho, and Srgio Oliveira

Ambiente De Trabalho: Um Local De Risco (Auditory Risk of Chemicals in Some Workplace Environments) - in Portugese Only by Vera M. Steffen, Aletia Simon Alano, Larissa Salati Ludwig, Marceli Ludwig, Marcelo Dutra Arbo, and Flavio Maya Simes 

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