182nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

Denver, Colorado 23 – 27 May 2022



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182nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America Denver, Colorado 23 – 27 May 2022

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Lay Language Papers from the meeting

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3pSP4 – Imaging Watermelons

3pSP4 – Imaging Watermelons

Dr. David Joseph Zartman Zartman Inc., L.L.C., zartman.david@gmail.com Loveland, Colorado Popular version of 3pSP4 - Imaging watermelons Presented Wednesday afternoon, May 25, 2022 182nd ASA Meeting, Denver Click here to read the abstract When imaging watermelons,...

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1pMU4 – Flow Visualization and Aerosols in Performance

1pMU4 – Flow Visualization and Aerosols in Performance

Abhishek Kumar – abku6744@colorado.eduTehya Stockman – test7645@colorado.eduJean Hertzberg – jean.hertzberg@colorado.edu University of Colorado Boulder1111 Engineering DriveBoulder, CO 80309 Popular version of 1pMU4 - Flow visualization and aerosols in...

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2aSC2 – Identifying race from speech

Yolanda Holt1 -holty@ecu.eduTessa Bent2 -tbent@indiana.edu 1East Carolina University    2 Indiana University600 Moye Boulevard           2631 East Discovery ParkwayGreenville, NC 27834            Bloomington, IN 47408 Popular version of 2aSC2 - Socio-ethnic...

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2aPAb – Ultrasound technology to remove kidney stones

2aPAb – Ultrasound technology to remove kidney stones

Mohamed A. Ghanem – mghanem@uw.eduAdam D.  Maxwell – amax38@uw.eduOleg A. Sapozhnikov – olegs@uw.eduMichael R. Bailey – mbailey@uw.edu University of Washington1013 NE 40th St.Seattle WA 98105 Popular version of 2aPAb - Designing an array for acoustic manipulation of...

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2pUW2 – Pacific Echo: A deep ocean collaborative experiment 

2pUW2 – Pacific Echo: A deep ocean collaborative experiment 

Ross Chapman – chapman@uvic.caUniversity of Victoria3800 Finnerty RoadVictoria, BC V8P 5C2Canada Popular version of 2pUW2- Pacific Echo: A deep ocean collaborative experimentPresented Tuesday afternoon, May 24, 2022182nd ASA MeetingClick here to read the abstract The...

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1pPA1 – Ammonia chemistry: Sounds better with ultrasound

1pPA1 – Ammonia chemistry: Sounds better with ultrasound

Dr. Prince Nana AMANIAMPONG, prince.nana.amaniampong@univ-poitiers.frCNRS Chargé de Recherche (CRCN)Bâtiment B1, Rue Marcel Doré, TSA4110586073 - Poitiers Cedex 9 (France) Popular version of 1pPA1 - Ammonia chemistry: Sounds better with ultrasoundPresented Monday...

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Lay Language Papers organized by meeting

182nd Meeting: Denver, CO
181st Meeting: Seattle, WA
180th Meeting: Virtual – Acoustics in Focus
179th Meeting: Virtual – Acoustics Virtually Everywhere
178th Meeting: San Diego, CA
177th Meeting: Louisville, KY
176th Meeting: Victoria British, Columbia
175th Meeting: Minneapolis, MN
174th Meeting: New Orleans, LA
173rd Meeting (8th Forum Acusticum): Boston, MA
172nd Meeting (5th Joint Meeting of ASA and ASJ): Honolulu, HI
171st Meeting: Salt lake City, UT
170th Meeting: Jacksonville, FL
169th Meeting: Pittsburgh, PA
168th Meeting: Indianapolis, IN

167th Meeting: Providence, Rhode Island
166th Meeting: San Francisco, California
165th Meeting: Montreal, Canada
164rd Meeting: Kansas City, Missouri
163rd Meeting: Hong Kong, China
162nd Meeting: San Diego, California
161st Meeting: Seattle, Washington
160th Meeting: Cancun, Mexico
159th Meeting: Baltimore, Maryland
158th Meeting: San Antonio, Texas
157th Meeting: Portland, Oregon
156th Meeting: Miami, Florida
155th Meeting: Paris, France
154th Meeting: New Orleans, Louisiana
153rd Meeting: Salt Lake City, Utah
152nd Meeting: Honolulu, Hawaii
151st Meeting: Providence, Rhode Island
150th Meeting: Minneapolis, Minnesota
149th Meeting: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
148th Meeting: San Diego, California
147th Meeting: New York, New York
146th Meeting: Austin, Texas
145th Meeting: Nashville, Tennessee
144th Meeting: Cancun, Mexico
143rd Meeting: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
142nd Meeting: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
141st Meeting: Chicago, Illinois
140th Meeting: Newport Beach, California
139th Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia
138th Meeting: Columbus, Ohio
137th Meeting: Berlin, Germany
136th Meeting: Norfolk, Virginia
135th Meeting: Seattle, Washington (ICA/ASA ’98)
134th Meeting: San Diego, California
133rd Meeting: State College, Pennsylvania
132nd Meeting: Honolulu, Hawaii
131st Meeting: Indianapolis, Indiana
130th Meeting: St. Louis Missouri 

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