Lay Language Papers
151st ASA Meeting in Providence, R.I.

New papers are being added up to the time of the meeting, so please check back regularly.

The following are lay language versions of meeting papers being presented at the joint meeting of the Acoustical Society of America to be held 5-9 June 2006 in Providence, Rhode Island. Please keep in mind that some of the research described in the laypapers may not have yet been peer reviewed.


Mapparium Acoustics by William Hartmann, H. Steven Colburn, and Gerald Kidd, Jr.

Knocking On Brain's Door: Breaking through the barrier using sound by Elisa Konofagou and James Choi

Bad Vibrations: Treefrog Eggs Use Vibrational Cues to Flee from Predators by Karen M. Warkentin, Michael S. Caldwell, and J. Gregory McDaniel


Underwater Sounds Generated by the Great Sumatra Rupture by Catherine D. de Groot-Hedlin

When Katrina Hit California by Peter Gerstoft, Mike Fehler, and Karim Sabra

What Makes the Sound of the Saxophone Specific? by Jean-Pierre Dalmont, Bruno Gazengel, and Jean Kergomard

A New Family of Stringed Musical Instruments by Samuel Gaudet and Sophie Léger

Robots That Listen: Mimicking Human Hearing to Help Robots Find Snipers by Socrates Deligeorges, Aleks Zosuls, David Mountain, David Anderson, and Allyn Hubbard

Computer Simulations of the Propagation of Sound on Mars by Amanda D Hanford and Lyle N. Long

Hearing Levels in US Adults by William Murphy, Christa Themann, and Mark Stephenson

Sound from Light: Playing Notes on Nanoscopic Wires by A. SampathKumar, K.L. Ekinci and T.W. Murrray

Short-Term Non-Poissonian Temporal Clustering of Magnitude 4+ Earthquakes in California and Western Nevada by John E. Ebel, Daniel W. Chambers, Alan L. Kafka, and Jenny A. Baglivo


A Better Hearing Test for Dogs by Peter M. Scheifele, Frank E. Musiek, Michael Darre, Michelle G. Pinto, and John Preece

Acoustics Say "Nano, Nano" to Materials Characterization by Donna Hurley, Malgorzata Kopycinska-Mueller, Tony Kos, Roy Geiss, and Eric Langlois

Suppression of Offensive Chants at Sporting Events Through Feedback of Sound by Sander J. van Wijngaarden and Johan A. van Balken

Music Synthesis for the Terrified: Using Everyday Words to Control Synthesizers by Alastair Disley, David Howard, and Andy Hunt

What Was That Snap in the Grass? by Brian Gygi and Valeriy Shafiro

"But Operator, I Need to Repeat This Again?" by Harsha M. Sathyendra, Ismail Uysal, and John G. Harris

Quiet, I'm Trying to Learn Language! -- The Effect of Background Noise on Infants by Rochelle Newman

Characterizing Sediment Properties in Shallow Water Using an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Towed Hydrophone Array by Jason D. Holmes, William M. Carey, and James F. Lynch


Killer Whales and Herring: Using Sound to Get a Meal by Lee A. Miller, Malene Simon, Fernando Ugarte, and Magnus Walberg

Do Humpback Whales Detect and Classify Fish by Transmitting Sound Through Schools? by Orest Diachok

Keeping in Contact: When Good Sockets Go Bad by Elizabeth Blickley and Bernhard Tittmann

Noise in the Operating Room by Jonathan Kracht, Ilene J. Busch-Vishniac, and James E. West

Multiple Mechanisms of Auditory Attention by Elyse S. Sussman

Adaptive Mechanical Model of Human Footsteps by Alexander Ekimov and James M. Sabatier

How Deep Brain Stimulation Affects Speech in Parkinson's Disease by Emily Wang

Using Sound to Measure and Predict the Ocean Weather by Peter J. Stein, Subramaniaum D. Rajan, and James K. Lewis


Intensity Of The American Alligator Vocal Courtship Display by Neil Todd

A Second Pair of Ears by Martin Lenhardt

The Search for Specific Equine Vocal Expression by David G. Browning and Peter M. Scheifele

Studying Violin Bowing by Diana Young

Marine Seismic Surveys with Vector Acoustic Sensors by Dennis Lindwall

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