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Lay Language Papers

New papers are being added up to the time of the meeting, so please check back regularly. Woodbury, New York, March 4, 1999

The following are lay language papers being presented at the joint 137th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the 2nd Convention of European Acoustics Association, integrating the 25th German Acoustics DAGA conference, to be held March 14-19, 1999 at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany.


Acoustics: A Route to Science Literacy in the 21st Century by Thomas D. Rossing

Studying Bubble Collapse on a Subnanometer Time Scale by Bruno Gompf, Rainer Pecha and Wolfgang Eisenmenger

Auditory Perception of The Size and Velocity of Rolling Balls by Mark Houben, Luuk Franssen, Armin Kohlrausch, Dik Hermes and Berry Eggen


Ants Have an Acoustic World of Their Own by Robert Hickling

Silicon Microphones: An Overview by Marc Fischer and Gerhard M. Sessler

A Novel Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) Design for an Underwater Acoustic Field Sensor by Thomas G. Bifano, Robin O. Cleveland, Debora A. Compton and Allan D. Pierce

Acoustic Weapons? Sources, Propagation and Effects of Strong Sound by Jürgen Altmann

Hydroacoustic Monitoring For the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty by Martin M. Lawrence

Biosonar in a Textured World by Rolf Müller and Roman Kuc

Acoustical Problems in Mosques by Zerhan Karabiber

A Microphone without a Membrane by Prof. Dr. J. Sennheiser

A Simple Optical Microphone by Wolfgang Niehoff

Course on The Perception of Music by The Human Brain: Cutting Edge Science For Music Students by Juan G. Roederer

Music Acoustics and Contemporary Musical Composition by Gerald Bennett

Acoustic Bubble Traps by Reinhard Geisler, Thomas Kurz and Werner Lauterborn

Electronic Controlled Exhaust System for Car and Truck Engines by Rene Boonen and Paul Sas


Acoustic Monitoring of the Ocean Climate (AMOC) in the Arctic Ocean by Ola M. Johannessen and Hanne Sagen

Acoustic Studies of Large-Scale Ocean Circulation by Dimitris Menemenlis

Normal Modes of Vibration in a Violin by Thomas D. Rossing

Fluid Dynamics Improves Understanding of Speech Production by Michael H. Krane, Daniel Sinder, and James Flanagan

Are Our Hospitals Too Noisy? by Eduardo Bauzer Medeiros and I.A. Camelier French version


Passive Thermoacoustic Tomography: A New Kind of Acoustic Imaging for Material Testing and Medicine by Victor I. Passechnik, Andrej A. Anosov, and Konstantin M. Bograchev

Motor Theory of Melodic Expectancy by Frank A. Russo and Lola L. Cuddy

How Parkinsons Disease Affects Tone Language and Tells Us About Tone Comprehension by Patrick C.M. Wong and Randy L. Diehl

Fractal Modelling of Diffusive Urban Configurations by Philippe Woloszyn


Dead Spots of Electric Guitars and Basses by Helmut Fleischer

Measurements of Arm Motion, Timing, and Striking Force in a Simple Drumming Task by Sofia Dahl and Virgil P. Stokes

Jazz Drummers' Swing Ratio in Relation to Tempo by Anders Friberg and Andreas Sundstrom

Temporal Jitter Disrupts Speech Intelligibility: Simulations of Auditory Aging by M. Kathleen Pichora-Fuller, Bruce A. Schneider and Hollis Pass

Wavelet Processing For Speech by Shubha Kadambe

No Role For Syllables in English Speech Production by Niels O. Schiller

Acoustic Tomography as a Remote Sensing Method Inside the Atmospheric Surface Layer by Astrid Ziemann, Klaus Arnold and Armin Raabe
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