New Across Acoustics Episode: Reconsidering Classic Ideas in Speech Communication

Most researchers know the seminal articles that have impacted their field. Sometimes, though, the research in those articles can get misinterpreted or exaggerated, and those misunderstandings can take hold and reappear year after year. In this episode, we talk to the editors of the Special Issue on Reconsidering Classic Ideas in Speech Communication, Matthew Winn (University of Minnesota), Richard Wright (University of Washington), and Benjamin Tucker (Northern Arizona University), about ideas in Speech Communication that were reexamined in the special issue.

New Across Acoustics Episode: Quieter Airplane Landings

The annoyance caused by airplane noise can have adverse effects on those living near airports. Can anything be done when the plane lands to mitigate the noise? In this episode, we talk to Anders Johansson (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) about his research into how airplane configuration and weather may affect landing noise.

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New Across Acoustics Episode: Do Bats Change Their Calls Depending on the Weather?

Researchers know that bats will alter the calls they use for echolocation depending on their task or environment. In this episode, we talk to Léna de Framond and Holger R. Goerlitz of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology about their research into whether bats from temperate regions, which experiences large variations in temperature and humidity which could affect call attenuation, vary their calls based on weather.

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New Across Acoustics Episode: ASA Standards

Besides hosting exciting meetings and publishing the latest in acoustics research, the Acoustical Society of America has another branch: ASA Standards! In this episode, we talk to Stephen Lind, Director of ASA Standards, Donald Peterson (Northern Illinois University) and Derrick Knight (Trane Technologies) about what standards are, why we need them, and current initiatives that folks in the acoustics community can take part of.

Read more about recent initiatives from ASA Standards in Acoustics Today and check out the ASA Standards blog.

New Across Acoustics Episode: How Loud is NASA’s Space Launch System?

The answer: As loud as 40 million bowls of Rice Krispies. In this episode, we talk with Kent Gee of Brigham Young University about his recent research trip to measure the launch acoustics of NASA’s Artemis-I mission, why understanding launch noise is so important, common misconceptions about how loud rockets are, and more.