New Across Acoustics Episode: Exploring Timbre of Stradivari Violins

Why is the sound quality of some violins preferred over others?  In this episode, we talk to Carlo Andrea Rozzi (National Research Council of Italy) and Massimo Grassi (University of Padova) about the myth surrounding Stradivari violins as well as their research into the aspects of violin timbre that cause listeners to prefer one instrument to another.

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New Across Acoustics Episode: Optimizing Concrete Floors for Building Acoustics

The manufacturing and production of concrete construction building materials creates roughly 10% of global carbon emissions. As a result, architectural engineers are trying to find new ways to reduce the amount of concrete used in their buildings. Less concrete, though, can lead to some major ramifications in terms of the acoustics of a built space. In this episode of Across Acoustics, we talk to Jonathan Michael Broyles (Penn State) about techniques for optimizing the design of concrete slabs used in floors to reduce materials while improving acoustic performance.
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New Across Acoustics Episode: Considering Classroom Soundscapes for Young Students

The sound environment of a classroom can significantly impact the experience of students, particularly for young learners. Yet most research on primary school classroom acoustics has focused solely on removing all sound, even though some sounds may be beneficial to young students’ experience. In this interview, we talk to Chiara Visentin (University of Ferrara) about her research into the soundscape of primary school classrooms.

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New Across Acoustics Episode: Discovery of Sound in the Sea

Started after a mysterious beaching of beaked whales and dolphins, Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS, has been providing educational content to the public about the science of underwater sound for over 20 years. In this episode, we talk to Kathleen Vigness-Raposa (Inspire Environmental) and Holly Morin (University of Rhode Island) about how the site has developed over time, resources available on the site, upcoming initiatives, and how acousticians can get involved with DOSITS.

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New Across Acoustics Episode: Music Mixing for Listeners with Hearing Impairment

Musical mixes are typically created with normal-hearing listeners’ preferences in mind. How do the preferences of listeners with hearing impairment differ, though?  In this episode of Across Acoustics, we talk to Aravindan Joseph Benjamin and Kai Siedenburg (University of Oldenburg) about their recent article, which explores how various spectrum- and level-based mixing transforms might be altered to cater to listeners with different hearing abilities.

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