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Adam D.  Maxwell –
Oleg A. Sapozhnikov –
Michael R. Bailey –

University of Washington
1013 NE 40th St.
Seattle WA 98105

Popular version of 2aPAb – Designing an array for acoustic manipulation of kidney stones
Presented Tuesday morning, May 24, 2022
182nd ASA Meeting
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Ultrasound technology is becoming an important treatment tool. For instance, sound waves can apply a radiation pressure that can displace an object. Multi-element arrays are complex ultrasound sources that consist of several small transducers that can be driven in sync or a specific order to output pressure waves with different shapes. Pressure wave shapes that have a doughnut shape or a long tube are useful as they can trap an object in the center and as we control the location of the doughnut the object follows. This technology can be used to trap small kidney stones or stone fragments and move them from the kidney collection areas toward the kidney exit without surgery. We have demonstrated the ability to move kidney stone models in the bladders transcutaneously in live pigs under anesthesia. We are currently designing a new multi-element array that will enable us to adapt this technology to move stones in the complex structure of the kidney over larger distances. This technology will reduce the surgery associated with kidney stone treatments by removing small stones or fragments before they become larger, which will lead to surgery, and eliminating emergency room visits by relieving blockages from these stones or fragments.

kidney stones

Controlled steering of kidney stones toward  the kidney exit with an ultrasound array.

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