Lay Language Papers
2nd Pan-American/Iberian Meeting on Acoustics

The following are lay language versions of meeting papers being presented at the 2nd Pan-American/Iberian Meeting on Acoustics to be held November 15-19, 2010 in Cancun, Mexico. Please keep in mind that some of the research described in the laypapers may not have yet been peer reviewed.


Relating Patient Physiology to the Hospital Sound Environment (1pNS6) by Timothy Hsu et al.

Medida de la Contribución de Cada Vehículo Individual al Ruido del Tráfico Rodado (4aNSa1) by David Ibarra et al.

A Revolution in Forensic Voice Comparison (1eID1) by Geoffrey Stewart Morrison (Una Revolución en la Comparación del Habla )


La Musicoterapia y la Ingeniería Acústica: Un Primer Acercamiento (1pMUb9) by María Isabel Arango G. and Manuel Recuero López

Deep Ocean Ambient Noise in the Mariana Trench (2aAO2) by David R. Barclay and Michael J. Buckingham

Pyramids and Basements (2pAA6) by Sergio Beristain

Navigating Underwater Using Spiral Sound (2aUWb2) by Benjamin R. Dzikowicz et al.

Estimating Fetal Heart Rate From Multiple Doppler Ultrasound Signals (2aBB12) by Jean-Marc Girault et al.

Acoustical Solutions to Archaeological Mysteries at Chichen Itzas Temple of Kukulkan (2pAA3) by David Lubman

Harvesting Mechanical Energy -- a Challenge for Vibrations Research (2pSA4) by John J. McCoy

Low-cost Thermoacoustic Co-generator for Biomass-burning Cook Stoves (2pPA8) by Paul J. Montgomery, Jr. and Steven L. Garrett

El Sistema Immune se Altera a Causa del Ruido Urbano?, Influencia del Ruido en la Calidad Ambiental en las Ciudades, y Condiciones de Ruido en Espacios Recreativos (2aNS1,3,4) by Martha Orozco-Medina et al.

Deepwater Fossil Fuel Extraction and Production Technologies - a Developing Source of Ocean Noise Pollution (3aUWa1) by Michael Stocker

Time Reversal Acoustic Approach for Non-Lethal Swimmer Deterrent (2pBBa6) by Alexander Sutin and Yegor Sinelnikov


Sons Silenciados de um Passado Remoto (3aAAa2) by Patrícia Lopes Bastos

Bell Stone at Xolotl hill (3pAA6) by Sergio Beristain et al.

Voice Identification by Witnesses/Victims (3aSC8) by Ray Bull

Buffalo Horns and Frog Calls: Some Ancient Free Reed Instruments from Southeast Asia (3aAAa3) by James P. Cottingham

Do We Need Two Ears to Perceive the Distance of a Sound Source in a Room? (3aAAb5) by Arnaud Bidart and Mathieu Lavandier

Resonadores Mexicanos con Mirliton (3aNU3), Flauta Preciosa Mexicana (3pAA4), y Silbato de la Muerte (3pAA5) by Roberto Velázquez Cabrera

Simulations of Sound Travel in the Ocean with Oil Present (3aUWa8) by Michael Vera and James Stephens

Acoustic Observations in Support of the Reponse to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (3aUWa2) by Thomas C. Weber

Shear Wave Elastography for Detecting Blunt Force Trauma Liver Injuries (3aBB1) by Jiao Yu

Aerfonos Mexicanos Precortesianos y Tradicionales (3aMU1) by Miguel Zenker


Plucking the String: The Excitation Mechanism of the Guitar (4pMUa5) by Sandra Carral

Driving Acoustically-Activated Drug Delivery Vehicles (4aBB2) by Charles Caskey

Communication Through the Substrate as a Solution for Small Plant-dwelling Insects (4aAB7) by Andrej Cokl and Meta Virant-Doberlet

En Busca del Control de las Ondas Sonoras Mediante Los Metamateriales Acústicos (4aSA3) by José Sánchez-Dehesa and Daniel Torrent

Towards an Engineering of Noise Design in Rituals (4aNSb3) by Fernando J. Elizondo-Garza

Acoustical Brass-instrument Tone Quality: Is it the Player or the Instrument? (4aMU5) by Robert Pyle

Ritual y Ruido en la Sociedad Contempornea (4aNSb1) by Roberto Rebolloso and Fernando J. Elizondo-Garza

Do Killer Whales Influence the Vocal Behavior of Tropical Dolphins (4aAB12) by Shannon Rankin et al.


The Casual Greeting Doesn't Travel Far When You're a Bottlenose Dolphin (5aAB7) by Frats H. Jensen

Single Whales and Mother Whales Use Different Calls At Different Depths (5pABa4) by Anaid Ibeth López Urbána et al.

Do We Need to Hear Others' Sounds to Produce Emotional Vocalizations that Listeners Can Understand? (5aSC12) by Disa Sauter et al.

Laughing with your Mouth Open Sounds Best (5aSC211) by Michael J. Owren and Tobias Riede

The Acoustic Features of the Long-Distance Advertisement Call Produced by the Amur (Siberian) Tiger (5pABb6) by Edward J. Walsh et al.

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