Louisville, Kentucky


177th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

13–17 May 2019

Please keep in mind that some of the research described in these lay papers may not have yet been peer reviewed.


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ASA meeting webcasting events:

Note: All press conference times are in Eastern Time (ET)

10am – 11am
Brian Monson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) – How Much Language are Children Exposed to in the Womb?
JoAnn McGee (University of Minnesota) – Can Sound Protect Eagles from Wind Turbine Collisions?
Klaus Genuit (HEAD Acoustics GmbH) – Signals to Noise in Acoustic Vehicles Alerting Systems
Rene Weinandy (German Environment Agency) – Signals to Noise in Acoustic Vehicles Alerting Systems
1pm – 2pm
Mark VanDam (Washington State University) – Toddlers Are Great at Getting Conversation Started
Jay Schwartz (Emory University) – Scientists Suss Out Secrets of Human Screams
Sebastien Hengy (French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL)) ­- Locating a Shooter from First Shot via Cellphone

Lay Language Papers organized by meeting

182nd Meeting: Denver, CO
181st Meeting: Seattle, WA
180th Meeting: Virtual – Acoustics in Focus
179th Meeting: Virtual – Acoustics Virtually Everywhere
178th Meeting: San Diego, CA
177th Meeting: Louisville, KY
176th Meeting: Victoria British, Columbia
175th Meeting: Minneapolis, MN
174th Meeting: New Orleans, LA
173rd Meeting (8th Forum Acusticum): Boston, MA
172nd Meeting (5th Joint Meeting of ASA and ASJ): Honolulu, HI
171st Meeting: Salt lake City, UT
170th Meeting: Jacksonville, FL
169th Meeting: Pittsburgh, PA
168th Meeting: Indianapolis, IN

167th Meeting: Providence, Rhode Island
166th Meeting: San Francisco, California
165th Meeting: Montreal, Canada
164rd Meeting: Kansas City, Missouri
163rd Meeting: Hong Kong, China
162nd Meeting: San Diego, California
161st Meeting: Seattle, Washington
160th Meeting: Cancun, Mexico
159th Meeting: Baltimore, Maryland
158th Meeting: San Antonio, Texas
157th Meeting: Portland, Oregon
156th Meeting: Miami, Florida
155th Meeting: Paris, France
154th Meeting: New Orleans, Louisiana
153rd Meeting: Salt Lake City, Utah
152nd Meeting: Honolulu, Hawaii
151st Meeting: Providence, Rhode Island
150th Meeting: Minneapolis, Minnesota
149th Meeting: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
148th Meeting: San Diego, California
147th Meeting: New York, New York
146th Meeting: Austin, Texas
145th Meeting: Nashville, Tennessee
144th Meeting: Cancun, Mexico
143rd Meeting: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
142nd Meeting: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
141st Meeting: Chicago, Illinois
140th Meeting: Newport Beach, California
139th Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia
138th Meeting: Columbus, Ohio
137th Meeting: Berlin, Germany
136th Meeting: Norfolk, Virginia
135th Meeting: Seattle, Washington (ICA/ASA ’98)
134th Meeting: San Diego, California
133rd Meeting: State College, Pennsylvania
132nd Meeting: Honolulu, Hawaii
131st Meeting: Indianapolis, Indiana
130th Meeting: St. Louis Missouri 

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